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New fashion question: Can I wear overalls? Not with heels, duh.


5 pointz

5 Pointz, located in Long Island City, is an outdoor "graffiti mecca" where street artists can exhibit their work (permit required) on a 200,000 square foot factory building. The end goal is to create a museum and school for graffiti art.
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weekend bits

A couple random shots from my random weekend adventures....Above, a walk through the flower district - the palm trees remind me of where I grew up.
...the view from the top of the Empire Hotel (above and below)....
 ...walking over the Pulaski Bridge from Long Island City to Greenpoint (below)....
...delicious lobster bloody mary and sandwich at Lobster Joint (above and below).
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As I mentioned before, my sister got married at the end of last year. The wedding took place at an old bank in downtown LA and was so so fun. More photos and details here and here.
I designed all the paper stuff and had it letterpressed printed at work:
As the matron-of-honor, my only requirement was to wear something navy. Since I abide by somewhat strict buying practices, I was a little limited in my options. I found this navy satin dress a couple weeks before at one of my favorite vintage shops in Brooklyn (for $18!):
All photos by Erin Hearts Court.


reading, watching, listening

Reading: Love and Shame and Love by Peter Orner
Watching: Shameless, Season 1
Listening: Dr. Dog, Shame Shame

The theme was coincidental, I swear!


a year in new york city

It's been just over a year since we arrived in New York and it seems like some sort of reflection is in order. I feel like Jeff and I have really packed a lot in the last year in terms of exploring the city. To date, I think Storm King was our best adventure yet, followed by Sandy Hook.
Within the city limits, I loved exploring Governors Island....
...seeing my first big time fashion show....
and visiting the zoo in the snow.
We've eaten some amazing meals. The most amazing (and most expensive) meal had to be Stone Barns, but we've also enjoyed some great street food, and of course, lots and lots of cheese.
Culturally, I've seen some incredible exhibits, the best of which has to have been Alexander McQueen at the Met. Additionally, I enjoyed Jim Henson at the Museum of the Moving Image, the hat exhibit at Bard College and the permanent collection at the Brooklyn Museum.
New York also boasts an impressive variety of outdoor space. My favorites are the Brooklyn Botanical garden in Prospect Park and Wave Hill Gardens.
This next year I look forward to revisiting my favorite spots as well as exploring more outside the city. Happy anniversary New York!
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under the bridge

How's this for a clever use of space? That's a Food Emporium tucked under the Queensboro Bridge. Lest you think it would be unpleasant to shop for produce under a bridge, the entire ceiling is Gustavino tile.
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wave hill gardens

We took a short train ride on my favorite Metro-North line (also, the only one I've ever taken) to visit Wave Hill Gardens in the Bronx this past weekend. The weather in New York has been so amazing lately that it seemed criminal not to be outdoors. Wave Hill was just beginning to show signs of spring, so I can only imagine how lovely it will be when things really start blooming in a few weeks.
More photos here.
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cheese club: belgium

For this installment, cheese club enjoyed the cheeses of Belgium, complete with a selection of Belgium beers. I brought Cabricharme and Picoleur (especially excellent) which featured a fantastic illustration of the cheese-maker (see below).


9/11 memorial

To be perfectly honest, I found the experience of the 9/11 Memorial somewhat underwhelming. While being corralled in several lines to pick up tickets and go through security, you're also constantly being offered "commemorative" programs (open to rather disturbing images). Once inside the memorial, there's something a little morbid about the large hole in the middle of the vast pools - I can't really articulate what it is, but it's weird to not be able to see inside it (see photo above). Maybe it's the larger issue of this being a memorial for an event that I lived through, that still seems so fresh in my memory. Have you been? What do you think of the space?
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