out of town

Taking the rest of the week off for a rather spontaneous, totally out of character road trip to Arizona and New Mexico. See you next year!!

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some of my favorite things: holiday edition!

Some fun things I got for Christmas this year included Japanese paper products (from Japan!) and this Heath teapot...
...a pretty white vase and membership to LACMA.
Since my favorite gifts are always the edible kind, I especially enjoyed this giant jar of honey!
Yum! I forgot to take pictures, but Jeff and I made a super delicious Christmas dinner as well. Prime rib, spinach Parmesan souffles, carrot soup and a ginger cake!


happy holidays!

Have a lovely Christmas! See you next week :)
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adios la

I saw this billboard on my street yesterday and initially thought it was some cheeky promotion for a new movie or tv show. Not true! It's one of five billboard from designer Jon Jackson as he prepares to move from Los Angeles to New York, a project he refers to as Adios LA. Read more about his visual goodbye - there are map links too, if you want to see them in person!

exhibits at sfmoma

From The Anniversary Show

From How Wine Became Modern
The Cartier-Bresson and Voyeurism exhibits were great too!


san francisco, briefly

Jeff and I spend a rainy weekend in San Francisco, visiting friends, eating and hanging out. I only took a couple shots unfortunately - must have been distracted by all the good times!


interweb randomness

Pecan pie in a jar! Super yum.
Cute knitted candle cozy....
...and the snow in Brighton - so pretty!


enamored with: arrows

I keep seeing arrows on blogs. The more I see, the more I want.


gingerbread architecture

I've never made anything more than a two bit graham cracker shack (really, it was more like a lean-to), so I am totally impressed with some of these gingerbread creations.
Via Maggie.



The above is meant to be worn as a bracelet, but I'm thinking of making a larger version to use as a wreath.
Via Hannah.


first aid

This card made me laugh.
Speaking of, Jeff's latest wine club selection is up - booze makes a great gift!


holiday cards

Here are some holiday cards I designed for work this year (see last years designs here).
More holiday cards here.


yarn wreath

Using some of the yarn Eunice sent me, and this embroidery hoop bought a few years ago at Scrap, I fashioned this simple wreath for my front door...it doesn't exactly fit, but I still think it looks cute.