Artist Maira Kalman illustrated a beautiful set of drawings about her experience traveling from New York to Washington for the inauguration. Please click here to see the entire series. (Thanks, Gail!)



Spotted these cute fruit signs as part of the window display for BabyGap of all places.



One of the best things about being in the stationery business are the fantastic people that are the stationery business. I had the pleasure of catching up with delphine owners Erika and John recently while they were on a quick trip to the Bay Area. I have long been a big fan Erika's designs - always modern, fresh and interesting.


a whole lot of yarn

A client of my moms gave her a box of yarn from an abandoned project, who in return shipped the box to me. I'm not about to reject 30 skeins of 100% wool, but what am I going to do with it!? One idea is to try to recreate the Ruth Cross scarf that I'm fairly enamored with:

It was also suggested that I could make a blanket, but I'm not really feeling ambitious enough for that.

Any thoughts?

dorset cereals

I'm loving the packaging for Dorset cereals, a UK based muesli maker, which I saw at Andronicos the other night.


ruth cross

Speaking of knitting, I'm super inspired by British knitwear designer Ruth Cross. All of her pieces are hand knit to order, made locally in the UK. I love when people do interesting things with knitting, such as unusual pieces (like the necklace below), or unique construction of a more conventional item.

knitted font

How cool is this knitted font?! I'm not sure what I would use it for, but I just love it.

Via Smissmiss, the guru of all that is awesome design stuff.


happy birthday jeff

Yea! And LOST starts tonight - double yea!!



blatant self (and spouse) promotion: business cards

Here are business cards I just designed for Jeff and had printed at work (one of the many perks of working in a letterpress studio).

Like to eat and drink? Who doesn't? Click here to read an awesome food and wine blog!


color and trend

I am a little late on this, but Pantone recently announced that "mimosa" is the color of 2009. Fun!

Personally, I am predicting pale pink and navy as another new trend. Mark my words....


enamored with: eieio

Through my job, I've been very lucky to have had the opportunity to meet and work with some pretty amazing people. Recently, I was fortunate enough to work with Jean Orlebeke, of EIEIO design studio, who besides being exceptionally talented, is just as friendly and nice. I've been a big fan of her wrapping paper designs since first meeting her at the Stationery Show in 2006.

To see more of Jean's gorgeous papers, click here.


orla kiely for target

I am loving these adorable canisters, part of the new collection by Orla Kiely for Target. I want them right now!

Click here to see the rest of her fantastic collection.


fort point

Fort Point is located under the Golden Gate bridge on the San Francisco side. The fort protected the harbor from Confederate & foreign attack during & after the U.S. Civil War. In the 1970's, Fort Point became a National Historic Site. It's a truly interesting space to explore - there is a lot to see and the views are stunning.


day at the beach

It was an unseasonably warm weekend, so Jeff and I walked from the Palace of Fine Arts to Fort Point and back.


los angeles: best houses

The Los Angeles Times ran a recent article on the best houses in LA, some of which I have been fortunate enough to visit, including the Schindler house (above), as well as two Frank Lloyd Wright designed homes, the Ennis house (below)...

...as well as Wright's Hollyhock house (below).

Unfortunately, the Malin Residence, also known as the Chemosphere house (below), isn't open to the public.

Same goes for one of the Case Study houses (no. 22, the Stahl house, below) in one of my favorite Julius Shulman photographs.

Lastly, the grounds, but not the interior, of the Eames house (below) are open to visitors, something I might try to check out the next time I am in town.

To read the original Times article, please click here.