potato salad

I don't know what's in their potato salad, but I need to get me some of it.



Jeff and I took advantage of the amazing weather this weekend with a hike through the Presidio. I'd been wanting to see Andy Goldsworthy's Spire since it was installed last October. Constructed from dying felled trees, the sculpture will eventually disappear into the forest once the surrounding trees mature.

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a portrait of sequoia, part 3

All photos by my uncle Bob. I guess this must be the face I make when I take photos. Cute.

a portrait of sequoia, part 2

All photos by me, click here for more.

a portrait of sequoia, part 1

All photos by me, click here for more.



We stopped off in Exeter for lunch on our drive to Sequoia. Besides being the self-proclaimed "Citrus Capital of the World", the town boasts an impressive number of murals.


high tea

I attended a schmancy bridal shower during my weekend in Los Angeles, complete with tea and finger sandwiches, catered by the Tea Lady (I can't seem to find a website). Her collection of china teacups, saucers and dessert plates was truly stunning, not to mention the excellent tomato and basil sandwiches (no crusts, of course).

back in town

I'm back in SF after a weekend in Los Angeles and a week in the Sequoia National Forest with my family...stay tuned for details of my adventures!
Yes, I am attempting to fish (although I quit trout-less soon after this photo was taken).



I'm taking off to spend a week with my family in Sequoia National Park. No tv, cell service or internet - just hiking, eating and relaxing. Can't wait! See you in a week!
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edith heath at pmc

I'll be in Los Angeles this weekend, but unfortunately, I won't be able to visit the Pasadena Museum of California to see the Edith Heath exhibit. I am a huge fan of Heath Ceramics and am lucky enough to own a fair amount of Heath dishes as well. This exhibit, showcasing the work of Heath's founder, looks lovely, and I wish I could see it! To see more photos from the show, click here.

Open through September 30.



From the Buttercream Studio. Eaten by me.

from the flea: i only bought turquoise

Apparently I like turquoise. Everything I got at the flea market was that shade, including a cute pintucked shirt (above) and elastic belt (below).

from the flea: what i saw

After missing the last few Alameda flea markets due to rain, travel or just plain laziness, I was thrilled to visit the my favorite treasure hunt this past weekend. My purchases were minimal, but it was great to be outdoors on such a nice day. Some of the things that caught my eye, included this Mad Men chair (above), as well as this fun pineapple platter:

Julie's megaphone:

Danish modern deer portraits:

My favorite - an anthropomorphic hot dog platter!



From here (thanks Gail!).


op shop

Sometime last summer I decided to stop buying new things, or things made new. The idea was to cut down on the amount of stuff in the world, and therefore not encourage, support or contribute to the creation of disposable merchandise (think Ikea furniture, Forever 21, new cell phones every few months). If I want something, I try to find it used or vintage, and most of the time, I find that I didn't really need it in the first place. It's surprisingly easy (well, for someone who likes thrift stores and flea markets anyway) and I'm not a hundred percent strict about it (underwear, yarn and gifts seem to be my major weeknesses).

Through Lobster and Swan, I found KatieCrackernuts, an Australian journalist who has taken a pledge to only wear secondhand clothing for two weeks to possibly win a new Prius. Although I wish the time frame was a little more substantial, I totally get behind the idea of op shopping, as she calls it. Here in the bay area, there are some fantastic thrift, vintage, used and consignment stores where you have a bevy of great options that fit the bill of op shopping. Besides, the flea is this weekend!

donna hay general store

Did you know that there is a Donna Hay store? Albeit, you have to be in Sydney to go, but it's still exciting. I love the gorgeous food photography in her magazine, as well as the amazing recipes (ok, I've never actually made anything, but it all looks delicious).


i want to go to there

I don't know where this is, but I want to go there right now.


earth to cameron

This has been all over the blogs, but it's too fantastic not to post. If you happen to have $2.3 million laying around, the fabulous mid-century modern home from Ferris Bueller's Day Off can be yours! Located just outside of Chicago, the home was designed by A. James Speyer and David Haid in 1953 and is full of beautiful modern details. A shame it was only used for the garage in the movie (above)!

BTW, my favorite scene in the movie is where Charlie Sheen asks Jennifer Grey what her name is at the police station, and she responds with:
"My name is Jeannie, but my friends call me Shauna."


Found via Grain Edit.