rooftop garden

One of my favorite things about New York is a roof garden (least favorite: the cockroach I saw in the subway yesterday), so I was thrilled that the roof garden at the Met had opened for the season. I also saw the Alexander McQueen exhibit - absolutely stunning.
Photos by me.


gifts to myself

Picked up some early birthday presents for myself last week, you know, just because. My selections included a whistle and this NYC book.


happens every year

It's my birthday! Yay for me :)
Card from here.


meat and cheese

 I'm working on improving my food photography skills....getting better, no?
Taken at The Counting Room.


economy candy

As part of my preparations for last weeks show, I went to Economy Candy to get some color coordinated treats for our booth. Never have I exercised such self-control.


from the flea

 It was absolutely beautiful at this weekend's Brooklyn Flea - finally a little reprieve from all the rain of last week!
 I bought these tiny darts:


good show: best of everything else

Some of my favorite non-paper products from the show included these tea towels (above) and these pencils:
This pencil cup:
This matchbook:
and this stamp set:

good show: best of

In general, the show was a bit underwhelming, but there were definitely some treasures in the mix, like the Blue State and Tim Gunn cards from La Familia Green, as well as these beets from Pie Bird Press.
 A dose of reality from The Found:
 Some really lovely wrapping paper from Smock:
 And some unmentionables from Gold Teeth Brooklyn:


good show

The show ended yesterday and to be honest, I'm relieved its over. Although I love seeing friends and all the amazing inspiring design work, it felt a lot more exhausting this year than in previous years. I just wrote a post about our booth for work if you are interested.

heart shaped egg

Julia suggested I have a brunch themed housewarming party. Doesn't that sound lovely?
Image from here.


baby in a bonnet

My lovely friend Kelly sent me a picture of her adorable daughter in the bonnet I made for her. So cute, right?!


national stationery show

The National Stationery Show starts today! I'll be in booth 1536 representing H!L as usual. I'm especially looking forward to seeing friends, and checking out what new products people have. I'm also determined to visit ICFF this year - I never seem to be able to make it all the way downstairs!
Photo from our 2010 booth


initial decorating attempts

A few people have requested some photos of my new place and although its not nearly where I want it to be, here is where I am at so far. Above is a windowsill in the kitchen with (from left) a brass apple bell from Etsy, a small plant I just bought at the Greenpoint farmers market, toast holder from the Alameda flea market, part of my Muji Paris in a bag, and a mustard Jonathan Adler vase.
Another wall in the kitchen had two shelves that we are using to hold cookbooks, the menu from our wedding, and a cupcake container from Rose and Radish.
Inspired by the Maira Kalman exhibit I saw semi-recently, I hung all my white framed pictures in a row. The photos on the left and right sides are mine, the middle left is by Francois Vigneault and the middle right is Cindy Tomcyzk. We're still in the kitchen.
This family of brass quails live on a half wall dividing the kitchen from the living room. Behind the sofa, I hung some of the pictures from my mom, Julia Rothman, some thrift store paintings and another one of my photographs.
I'm going to skip over my office at this point (there's really not much in there except for my desk and two bikes) and head to the bedroom. I still haven't made a decision as to bedding at this point, so let's also ignore whats presently there. Our bedroom is in a bit of a disarray, but I do like how Jeff's cowboy hat looks as display, and all the bright colors of my clothes (mine are on the right, obvs).
Since our bathroom is super itty bitty, I'm creating a small vanity area for myself in the bedroom. Above is a vintage orange tray from my grandparents, apple containers from my aunt, a green ceramic bowl I made a million years ago, a super old photo of Jeff and I in SF, and a photo of my grandmother, among other random bits.
Those are all the photos I took for now - I'll post more soon!


wood sunglasses

Speaking of wood, how cute are these wood sunglasses?


All of a sudden it's hot out....is this spring? It's only getting to worse, so I'm thinking a big, floppy hat might be a nice thing to have. I kinda look crazy in hats though - big head plus big hair often results in some unsavory looks. I like this stripey guy, and this bow fedora:
Classic Panama style:
Green ombre version:
Brown weave floppy:
Or this scarf tied number:


christien meinderstma

Now here's a gal after my own heart.
Via Anthology.


from the flea: what i saw

 My new local flea market, appropriately dubbed the Brooklyn Flea, is a bit underwhelming in terms of selection and pricing (everything really does cost more in New York).....
 ...but more than makes up for it in terms of food. Maybe I should start a new series, from the flea: what i ate!