the train show!

We took a family field trip to see the Holiday Train Show on a drizzly Sunday afternoon, followed by dinner on Arthur Avenue.
© all photos by me


windows at bergdorf goodman

Not quite as spectacular as last years, but still pretty breathtaking.
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los angeles that was

My brother-in-law sent me these nostalgic images of the Los Angeles that was. Thanks Justin!
Via this flickr stream.


adventures in baking

On a recent dreary Saturday, I whipped up some peppermint bark (already eaten in entirety), lime melt-a-ways (not shown), and zucchini-vanilla cupcakes. Yes, the holidays are upon us.


be awesome today

Many thanks to Heather, Eunice and James, who each in their own way, contributed in making this print now hang above my front door.
Go here to get your own!


discovering columbus

Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi transformed the sculpture of Christopher Columbus at Columbus Circle into an even more interesting work of art. The artist built a rather stylish penthouse living room with the sculpture as its center. In addition to the well designed space (I especially liked the NYC themed wallpaper), it was also incredible to see the sculpture so close and personal.
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l.a., briefly

Took a very quick trip to Los Angeles to attend a rehearsal dinner, wedding, meet a new baby and eat some mexican food.
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instagram, lately

Some grams of late (I'm @shoshauna). 

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Way back in January, Sara approached me about our annual knit-a-long (this is what we made last year). This wasn't a hard project (although it was my first time with intarsia), but for whatever reason it took forever. With the recent natural disaster, and my office being without power, I really had no excuse to not finish it. I actually think it came out pretty good (you can find the pattern here).
Here is Sara's version:
 and Katrina's:
 I ended up with some extra yarn, so I made this baby hat:



In case you hadn't heard, we had a storm last night. It was really scary and the aftermath is pretty devastating. Jeff and I were really lucky, and didn't have any damage or lose power. That can't be said for a lot of New Yorkers - my heart goes out to those in need.
© Photos taken this afternoon around Williamsburg


reading, watching, listening

Reading: The Passage
WatchingUpstairs Downstairs
Listening: Lee Fields


flushing meadows

Much like visiting Coney Island, going to Flushing Meadows was one of my long time New York dreams (please note this is different from Flushing). Jeff appeased me this weekend by taking our bikes out to Queens to visit the site of two World's Fairs. There's been a lot written about Flushing Meadows (this is the post that sold me), so I won't get into the history and details. I will say that it was one hundred percent worth the schlep - totally fascinating!
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As part of my goal to visit all the museums in New York City, this one was a no brainer. Museum is a curated rotating collection of items housed in a freight elevator in an alley in Tribeca. Each object was selected purposely (you can learn more by calling a listed phone number and punching in the items' number). The collection changes every four months and it's highly worth a visit.
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