To be honest, I have always been a fan of apple imagery and graphics, but recently I have found myself draw to fruit more and more (not to eat, unfortunately). Recently, I became the proud owner of this apple bell from Etsy seller We Think We Can:

I'm thinking about getting this set too. Cute, right?

At the San Francisco Gift Show this weekend, I met Tina Lilienthal, a jewelry designer living in London. I love her strawberry's and cherries:


sf zine fest

I went to the San Francisco Zine Fest today to show some support for Francois and Aaron, two of the guys I work with. Although I don't know much about zines, there were plenty of things I enjoyed seeing, including this t-shirt from Joey Sayers:

As well as these cards from popote (especially let's work it out):

And the ridiculously cute girls from Pod Post with their letterpress patch set:


more from julia's opening

Julia put this photo on her fake blog, as she calls it. It's pretty sad that I didn't even realize I put the tattoo on upside down.


No regrets

Jeff and I happened upon this building on our way to Pizzetta 211 a few months ago. I just sometimes wonder what an apartment without any regrets looks like.


Renegade Craft Fair

I had to work the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend, which was both exhausting and entertaining. Besides seeing a bunch of random people from different aspects of my life, I also got to check out some of the other vendors. Here are some of my favorites:

T-shirts from Campfire Goods:

Jewelry from Nous Savons (I am coveting that bow tie necklace something fierce):


julia rothman @ rare device

I'm just home from Julia's opening at Rare Device. I would have loved to buy something but I couldn't possibly decide which one I liked the best.


i heart jesse and ben

Jesse and Ben got engaged this weekend at the San Diego county fair. They're awesome and I couldn't be happier.


I'm a blog

I was jealous of Jeff's blog, so I decided to start my own. Suck it, drink eat love!