nyc: kiosk

Kiosk might be the most randomly placed store I've ever been to. A narrow doorway next to a soap store leads you up a graffiti-ed staircase to a perfectly curated retail space that features "interesting things from interesting places" complete with descriptions and stories about each item. Needless to say, I was all over that. Some of my most coveted items included these pots:
this sugar dish:
and this hand cream:
There were a ton of things I wanted like this box and these envelopes, but we ended up with a Japanese spice and a comb (for Jeff) and pipe cleaners and map tacks (for me).


nyc: united nations

The last stop of our New York visit was a tour of the United Nations (didn't we cram a lot into two and half days?!), which was really fascinating.


nyc: ny public library

After our failed attempt at the Hypar Pavilion, we headed over to the main library on 5th Avenue. The architecture was incredible - I can't believe I've never been inside before!

nyc: hypar pavilion

I had wanted to see the Hypar Pavilion at Lincoln Center ever since seeing in online here, however the SoCal native in me didn't realize that it would be covered in snow and therefore closed. Oh, well - next time!


nyc: fdr birthplace

Since it was pretty cold in NYC (11ยบ in case you thought I was exaggerating!) we opted for as many indoor activities as possible, with the goal being to only visit places that neither Jeff or I had been before.  One stop was the rather obscure Franklin Roosevelt birthplace - a preserved Victorian home highly worth the free forty-five minute tour. Apparently, this isn't a very popular activity since we were the only people on the tour!
The FDR birthplace is also conveniently located close to ABC Carpet and Home in the event you wanted to ogle expensive yet beautiful home wares.


new york photo diary

Got back from New York super late last night (so sleepy!). More photos here and more to come.



I'm super excited to be heading to New York today for a quick weekend trip! On the agenda: visiting the original City Hall subway stop (above) and the Hypar Pavilion at Lincoln Center:
Eating at Eataly and drinking at Madam Geneva:
Shopping at Kiosk and Canvas:
...or just checking out the best hot chocolate in town!



I made some legwarmers. Please don't adjust your monitor, that is how pale my legs are.
Pattern from Tiny Owl Knits.


fortune cookie coin purse

This made me laugh.
Available here, via NotVentures


recent thrift store treasures

Picked up a couple shirts at St. Vincent de Paul last weekend. I'm pretty sure this blue sweater was hand knit!


griffith park: dante's peak

We took advantage of the beautiful weather this weekend and went on another hike in Griffith Park.
More photos here.


travel envy: sicily

My husband has been eating, drinking and "working" in southern Italy for nearly two weeks now. I'm seething with jealousy!
Read about his adventures here.


recent thrift store treasures

While thrifting in Albuquerque, I picked up this coffee pot (which matches these glasses I saw this weekend!), and this J. Crew dress (sorry for the blurry photo):
White and brown leather belt:
And another tie for my husband:
All items from Mano en Mano and Thrift Town in Albuquerque.


from the flea: what i bought

At this weekend's flea, I picked up a pair of turquoise earrings ($5), striped belt ($3):
and giant clothespin ($4)!


from the flea: what i saw

Been a while since I went to the Rose Bowl flea market, so naturally a visit was in order.