bedding, part II

As of today, here are the top contenders for my new bedding. There's the Batavia Dove set (above) and the Draper Stripe (below) from Dwell.
Bohemien Medallion from Urban Outfitters:
Markmekki Saarni Yellow from Crate and Barrel:



From here.


what i wore (6 weeks, one suitcase)

It's been about six weeks since we arrived in New York, and I've been living out of one suitcase the whole time. I brought enough clothes to last me the two weeks I thought we'd be without the rest of our stuff, so its been interesting to make my wardrobe work as the weather's been changing (as evidenced above). I've worn some variation of the above items every day and to be honest, it's totally fine. With the exception of a pair of flats, I could probably keep going with my limited items - it really goes to show how little we all really need.
Far left: Jacket: borrowed from my sister, Scarf: gift, Hat: self-made, Boots: Steve Madden
Second to left: Skirt, Shirt: thrifted, Sweater: Vince via Jeremy's, Boots: Steve Madden, Tights: Antro, Legwarmers: self-made, Sunglasses: Paul Frank
Second to right: Dress, Purse: thrifted, Sweater: Vince via Jeremy's, Scarf: gift, Boots: Boutique 9
Far right: Skirt, Purse, Shirt: thrifted, Sweater: Banana Republic, Shoes: Converse


biking and baking

Just another post about missing my worldly possessions. This time its my bike and being able to bake.
Less than a week until we move into our new apartment!
top image from here, bottom by me.


prospect park

 How was your weekend? Jeff and I took a walk through Prospect Park and ate pizza at Roberta's.


vintage typewriter prints

So, it's pretty much killing me that I can't start unpacking and decorating my new apartment. I find that I am missing the most random things - certain pairs of shoes, furniture and crafting supplies seem to be on the top of the list. I'm also determined not to buy anything until I know if we can fit our existing possessions into the apartment. I kinda love this vintage typewriter poster though - and it would be so cute in my new office (especially since I got rid of my real typewriter when we moved)....this one might be my favorite:
Via design work life


spring has sprung

A shot from our new (temporary) neighborhood of Clinton Hill, in Brooklyn. These flowers are starting to bloom everywhere. They are lovely but smell terrible, so I solely refer to them as "garbage flowers."


the cloisters

We took a trip waaaaaay uptown to visit the Cloisters, a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art devoted to medieval Europe. It doesn't feel like you are in the city at all! The site is the highest in Manhattan - how quickly you get used to not walking up hills...San Francisco, wha? 
All photos by me.


GRUMPY + grumpy

 This is Grumpy - I guess he is some sort of monster-ish being (evil rabbit? ambivalent horned creature?), but I liked that he is creepy cute (in an Ugly doll kinda way). He's for Baby B, who is due very soon!
 Please note the kooky tail. I had some yarn left over, so I made a matching hat (uh, for the baby).
Made by me - no pattern, I just made it up. Sorry!


neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night

This may be a bit of a random post, but I went to the James Farley Post Office building last week and it was too beautiful not to share. Enjoy!
All photos by me.



I took advantage of the free wireless at the public library to get some work done. Isn't the ceiling incredible?

hell's kitchen

This is our last weekend in Hell's Kitchen (we've been staying in a corporate apartment) before we move to a temporary sublet in Brooklyn. At first I hated being so close to the craziness of Times Square, but I grew to really like the neighborhood - I even found my favorite sandwich shop, grocery and thrift store!


bombolino and james beard

My friend Dahlia is a nominee for a James Beard award for Best Pastry Chef. Besides being super friendly and awesome, she makes the best gelato I've ever tasted. Congrats Dahlia!


wood watches

It's wood! WeWood watches are made of 100% natural wood and they plant a tree for every watch they sell.  Personally, I like this darker stain.
Via Tracey


display only

You know, in case you were tempted.


set in style

The Van Cleef and Arpels exhibit at the Cooper-Hewitt is beyond stunning. You should really go see it, like right now. The Sonia Delaunay exhibit is great too.

Incredible, right?!


dream laptop bag

From here in grey and white.


window markers

I'm totally getting these window markers (when we finally move into our new apartment!) to remind myself to pay rent, or for Jeff to do the dishes.
Via Apt Therapy


micro studio

If I ever complain about the size of my apartment, just remind me that this women lives in 90 square feet!


what happens when

I can't remember where I originally read about What Happens When (New York, maybe?) but I was immediately intrigued by the concept - every thirty days, the menu, decor and sound change thematically. We were out on Sunday and happened to walk by (I guess that must happen pretty often in New York) and they happened to have an open table and we just so happened to have a lovely dinner. The current theme or "movement" as they called it was inspired by Renoir, specifically, the above painting. The food was French "garden party" inspired (I had the roasted chicken) and was truly delicious. Find out more here.


lower east side

Took a walk around the lower east side yesterday, stopping for coffee at Roasting Plant, and a tour at the Tenement Museum.