what i wore (6 weeks, one suitcase)

It's been about six weeks since we arrived in New York, and I've been living out of one suitcase the whole time. I brought enough clothes to last me the two weeks I thought we'd be without the rest of our stuff, so its been interesting to make my wardrobe work as the weather's been changing (as evidenced above). I've worn some variation of the above items every day and to be honest, it's totally fine. With the exception of a pair of flats, I could probably keep going with my limited items - it really goes to show how little we all really need.
Far left: Jacket: borrowed from my sister, Scarf: gift, Hat: self-made, Boots: Steve Madden
Second to left: Skirt, Shirt: thrifted, Sweater: Vince via Jeremy's, Boots: Steve Madden, Tights: Antro, Legwarmers: self-made, Sunglasses: Paul Frank
Second to right: Dress, Purse: thrifted, Sweater: Vince via Jeremy's, Scarf: gift, Boots: Boutique 9
Far right: Skirt, Purse, Shirt: thrifted, Sweater: Banana Republic, Shoes: Converse


Marm said...

you look too adorable

Jesse said...

I'm sorry, not one pair of pants??? Shauna, it's cold there. I agree though, cute.