the city reliquary

The City Reliquary is mere blocks from my apartment which is pretty pathetic considering my first visit was two years after moving in. In any event, it's essentially a collection of New York themed tchotchkes, which couldn't be more up my alley.  So many treasures!
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the armory show

The Armory Show was a few weeks ago and although it was really crowded and overwhelming, there were so many inspiring and intriguing pieces. Here are a few of my favorites.
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philly: the barnes collection

We didn't make reservations early enough last time to visit the Barnes Collection, so I knew that was something I definitely wanted to do this time around. A coworker recommend I watch this documentary about the collection, which left me with really mixed feelings - I absolutely believe that a persons will and wishes should be respected, but I am also really grateful that I was able to view these works of art....however you feel, both the story and the collection* are worth seeing.
*no photos of the collection were allowed, but I found the building really lovely.
© all photos by me