philly: the barnes collection

We didn't make reservations early enough last time to visit the Barnes Collection, so I knew that was something I definitely wanted to do this time around. A coworker recommend I watch this documentary about the collection, which left me with really mixed feelings - I absolutely believe that a persons will and wishes should be respected, but I am also really grateful that I was able to view these works of art....however you feel, both the story and the collection* are worth seeing.
*no photos of the collection were allowed, but I found the building really lovely.
© all photos by me

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deerseason87 said...

We watched that same documentary before visiting, and it made me really uneasy, too! But then once we saw how beautifully the new museum has preserved the collection, I felt much better. I hope Dr. Barnes would understand and be happy that so many people can now enjoy his life's work!