nyc: high line

The High Line was build in the 1930's to transport freight above ground, as an effort to remove dangerous trains from the streets. The line ceased operation in 1980 and lay dormant for the next twenty plus years, until the city and private investors lobbied to turn the structure into a public park. In 2009, after ten years of planning, designing and landscaping, the initial stage of the park opened to the public. Learn more about the High Line here.


what i wore

Dress: Anthropologie/ Belt: H&M/ Tights: Loehmanns/ Shoes: Kenneth Cole/ Sweater: Banana Republic


nyc: from the flea: brooklyn

While in New York last week, I visited the Brooklyn Flea with some friends. The prices were a little high for my taste, but I was totally blown away by the food selection.  I enjoyed some delicious shaved ice while perusing for treasures.



It's my birthday! I hope it's the bomb, filled with treats and fun & delicious!
Cards from Two Trick Pony and A. Favorite.


nyc: best of nss

My most favoritest things I saw at NSS last week included cards from Blue Barnhouse (above and below).
An absolutely gorgeous recipe box from Rifle Paper Co:
Dorky typeface cards from A. Favorite:
Fabric wrap (a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth) from Chewing the Cud:
Canning print from Old School Stationers:
...and animals from Enormous Champion:
 Want to know more about NSS? I'll be blogging about the show at H!L all week.


nyc: from the show

For me, the National Stationery show is a week of little sleep, aesthetic awesome-ness, many, many inspiring friends and design crushes, manual labor, poor eating and drinking habits, and a general good time. It also helps to have a fantastic booth-mate who's just about as particular as you are.
 Photo of Kelly and I in the H!L booth. By Jordan.

back in town

I'm back from New York! I'll be back soon with some posts on the trade show, and what I ate, saw and liked in NYC.
Photo by me.


nyc bound

I'm in NYC! I won't be blogging while I am away, but I'll be back in a week-ish with a report on the trade show, my trip and an EXCITING GIVEAWAY!!! That's right....stay tuned!
Above print from here.


yarn bombing

My uncle recently gave me a copy of Yarn Bombing (thanks Roger!) full of some pretty insane pieces from around the world....which got me thinking of a new project:
Yeah, right! Definitely something on a smaller scale (but that bus is pretty incredible!)
But I am far too wussy to try something out in the world, so I'm keeping the project to the privacy of my own home. Perhaps a cozy for one the banisters?
Read more about yarn bombing here.


what i wore

Dress: Zac Posen for Target/ Shirt: Self-Esteem/ Belt: PCC flea market/ Shoes: borrowed/ Sunglasses: Paul Frank/ Earrings: Joy O

vintage finds from around the world

 A friend sent me a link to Vintage Finds around the World, a NY Times article in which readers uploaded photos of their favorite vintage clothing and accessories, shared why they love these items so much and what they paid for them. Here are a couple of my favorites:
See the rest here. Thanks Dara!!


signs of insanity

As if I ever thought I wasn't a completely OCD anal-retentive nutjob for a second, looking at my packing for New York has pretty much discounted that theory. And yes, I do need two pairs of flip flops.


watts towers

Having grown up in Los Angeles I'm embarrassed to admit that this weekend was my virgin visit to the Watts Towers. But it won't be my last. The experience was truly fascinating and inspiring - the entire structure was build by one man over a 34 year period using only found objects and no machinery - simply his own imagination.

More photos here.


from the flea: what i bought

Treasures from the flea included a magazine rack like the one I wanted! Don't you love when that happens? And for $15, no less. I also added to my ever growing belt collection:

from the flea: what i saw

Pasadena was a little overcast yeaterday, but it was a welcome respite to the heat of the last Rose bowl flea market. I continue to be overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the event's size - there are just too many options!