Thanks to Peter Frampton, I now have my own version of Sleeveface!!


outside lands

Jeff was given media passes to Outside Lands to write about their food and wine offerings. He took me along as his photographer (sweet!). My highlights for the day including Calexico:

Lucinda Williams:

Robert Randolph & the Family Band (sorry - I couldn't get much closer):

...and this catfish PoBoy.

Hungry? Read Jeff's review of the culinary offerings here.

travel envy: argentina

Stunning photos from Sara Remington's recent trip to Argentina.


first attempt

I am attempting to make a fabulous headpiece to wear at Jesse's upcoming wedding....and quickly learning that these things are significantly harder than they look. After wrestling with fabric, ribbon, and clip-on earrings for an hour, this is what I came up with. I am still going to add the hat veiling, but that stuff is a pain, so I need to motivate to adding it. I might be making this too difficult and should just keep it simple (i.e. less ingredients):

Thoughts? Feedback?
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oranges, lemons and bells

I love this hilarious installation of "yarnstorming" from Knit the City at St. Martins in London. Reminds me of Jessica's farm box.

See more photos here. Via Design*Sponge.

there is nothing wrong with you

From here.


etsy: romper

I must be needing a shopping fix because all I want to post about is vintage clothing. But how cute is this liberty print romper?!


etsy: polyester dress

Currently coveting this dress...


new to me

Some new (to me) purchases that I made recently. I'm still not buying new items, so it's been fun to see what I can find used and vintage. The dress reminds me of the wallpaper that was in my grandparents bathroom.

Shoes: Ancestor Vintage on Etsy.
Dress: Buffalo Exchange (the one on Haight)
Thanks to Anna for the photos!


2nd anniversary

In honor of my second anniversary, I decided to make Jeff a themed gift to commemorate the occasion. The traditional gift is cotton, so I knit up this super easy heart pattern (available free here) and then embroidered our initials on one side and the date on the other.

It was my first time embroidering anything and it definitely took a couple tries before it looked right. I traced the date and initials onto a piece of interfacing, which I then attached to the front of the heart. Once I was done, I ripped the top interfacing off, trimmed the backing fabric to size, then stuffed and sewed up the heart.

I am so pleased with how it came out that I'm thinking that I want to try embroidering something else.
Thanks for your help Jessica!


play with your food, II

From here.

china beach

Took a stroll through Land's End to China Beach on a warmish Sunday.


green gulch

I ate dinner and visited the grounds of Green Gulch this week. Located in Marin county, the zen center serves as a Buddhist practice center as well as a working farm. Although it was pretty overcast, I really enjoyed the beauty of the gardens.


summertime bandit

I was so pleased with my Springtime bandit that I made another one (aptly named Summertime bandit) for Anna's birthday. To punish me for giving it to her a month late, she was rather uncooperative at our impromptu photo shoot:

Thankfully, Max amused her with monkey sounds just off camera.

Pattern by Kate Gagnon, available here (mine is a slightly modified version).


weekend, or what i ate

Just a smattering of the deliciousness that was my weekend. Above, sweet corn soup with butter sauteed lobster made by my amazing husband.

Ratatouille, enjoyed while watching the second season of Mad Men. Jeff also made a quite refreshing batch of lemon verbena sorbet.

Not to be outdone, we also enjoyed steak and agnolotti from RN74.

You'd think I'd be stuffed, but that's just not the kind of girl I am.


cookin' and lookin' (good!)

I can't wait to whip up something delicious while wearing this adorable apron that Kelly gave me this weekend. Thanks Kelly!