2nd anniversary

In honor of my second anniversary, I decided to make Jeff a themed gift to commemorate the occasion. The traditional gift is cotton, so I knit up this super easy heart pattern (available free here) and then embroidered our initials on one side and the date on the other.

It was my first time embroidering anything and it definitely took a couple tries before it looked right. I traced the date and initials onto a piece of interfacing, which I then attached to the front of the heart. Once I was done, I ripped the top interfacing off, trimmed the backing fabric to size, then stuffed and sewed up the heart.

I am so pleased with how it came out that I'm thinking that I want to try embroidering something else.
Thanks for your help Jessica!


s•m•l said...

Ok, so this is actually wool and not cotton, but it's still a fiber....right?? (sheepish grin here)

Anonymous said...

As the recipient of this....I was very touched and thought it was great!

Kristine said...

Adorable - good work crafty girl