new pad

I'm not nearly ready to share what my new place actually looks like yet (cardboard boxes anyone??) but here are some of the fabulous details of the newly renovated spanish-ish style duplex that I now reside in.

welcome to la

I'm here! More posts to come....


on the move

I'm taking a few days off to pack up the rest of my stuff and move. See you in LA!
Card from Saturate.


handmade: pin/hairpiece

Look at this super cute dual pin/hairpiece that my coworker Lia made for me!

travel envy: washington d.c.

My mother just got back from Washington D.C. and sent me some beautiful photos of their trip.

Sorry for the lack of quality posts recently! I've been terribly busy packing for the big move.


ohh la la

From the Paris collection by Darling Clementine.



It must be getting close to *wintertime* here in California....it's getting chilly and the snowflakes are up on Market Street.


netflix wallpaper

As an avid Netflix customer, I've often wondered what to do with all the mailing labels that I inevitably throw away. Since I rent, this wallpaper is out of the question, but still pretty inventive, no?
From here via here.


holiday cards

Earlier this year I designed a bunch of custom holiday cards for work. I think they came out pretty cute, if I do say so.

See more here.


moving to los angeles

Might as well make it official, since living in denial isn't packing my boxes for me.
Photo from here.



I went to my very first ever professional football game this weekend. I can't say I need to do it again, but I did enjoy being outdoors, tailgating out of a Smart Car, and spending time with family.


barbara beatrice

My mother recently sent me a bunch of old family photos, including these of my grandmother Bebe (short for Barbara Beatrice) who passed away a few years ago. Isn't she lovely?


enamored with: apple soap dispenser

I'm not really sure what I need this soap dispenser for, but it is pretty damn cute.
Via Apartment Therapy.


what goes around comes around

I think I had these shoes in junior high, but now I sort of want them again.


elephants like scarves too

Khristina just finished knitting Elijah the elephant.


pumpkin carving