trick or treat

It's almost Halloween!
Image from here.


say it's not so!

I just received word that the beloved Alameda Flea Market is possibly no longer!! Tragic!
via Ruby Press

four eyes

Jeff and I got new glasses.



From the Ferry building.


good luck cowl

Just finished this cowl for my sister. Easy and cute!



I'm trying to get more motivated to cook. Perhaps if I had this cute grocery list, I would feel more inspired.
Night Owl Paper Goods via Black*Eiffel


lil' pink

Just finished this hat for one of the many pregnant friends in my life. It's a little hard to tell the scale in the photos, but it is small and adorable, if I do say so myself.

smooth operator

James made me this bumper sticker.



I had a delicious lunch at GJelina this weekend. The food was great and the decor even better.



I visited the Linus bicycle shop this weekend and now I want one something fierce.

new and cute

Adorable new prints from my friend Anna.

See them all here.



From illustrator Katie Kirk (unfortunately, it's only available as stock).



When I got to work this morning the street was blocked off and the 5-0 started arriving in drones (above). Upon further investigation (i.e. seeing sharpshooters on the highest balcony on SoMa, below), I discovered some exciting news….our commander-in-chief was in town and was going to pass right by!!

We all waited around for awhile...

...and played with speech bubble signs leftover from Eunice's wedding....

...and then! A crazy motorcade drove by with about a hundred cops and Mr. President himself! So exciting!!

down the coast

Took a drive down the coast last weekend to Half Moon Bay and Pacifica.


I made a frittata

and ate it in the park.



I'll stop posting about Hawaii now...see all my photos here.

the road to hana

The twisty, curvy road to Hana sorta made me want to hurl, but the scenery was spectacular.


where lava meets water

In Makena we hiked through a lava field to get a black sand beach. Although the trail was pretty flat, it was torturous on my feet - I mean, this is what the "trail" looked like (ouch!):

It reminded me of Mordor - totally desolate and forboding (fine, mock me for my science fiction ways).

Of course, when we got there, it was totally gorgeous.



It was a nauseating drive to the top of Haleakala, a dormant volcano in the center of Maui, only to discover the view completely obliterated by clouds. Oh, well - the photos look cool.


highlights from hawaii

Hawaii was fantastic....to be perfectly honest, I am a little bummed to be back in SF (it's cold! and there are no mai tai's!). Highlights of my trip included snorkeling (sea turtles!) and grilled opakapaka at Paia Fish Market:

Reading The Time Traveler's Wife on the beach:

Hiking a lava field:

and the aforementioned Pina Colada: