sf: academy of science

I tried to go to the new Academy of Sciences this past weekend and was totally denied. The line was a mile long! So sad. I was really looking forward to visiting, as Renzo Piano is one of my favorite architects.

Since I couldn't get inside this building, here are some images of other Renzo Piano buildings that I have been to:

Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas, Texas

Centre Pompidou, Paris, France


knitting: fruit

My friend Jessica made this adorable farm box of knitted fruit for Myles' first birthday. It includes, from top, a pumpkin, eggplant, strawberry, corn, carrot and heirloom tomato. So freaking cute.

Here is the birthday boy enjoying his new toys:

As well as his first experience with refined sugar:


enamored with: oatmeal and cinnamon

I just discovered Oatmeal and Cinnamon, Sarah Miller's blog dedicated solely to calligraphy, hand lettering, handwriting and doodles. How great is that? I'm really into the look of hand lettering (probably because I suck at it), and I've been contemplating learning calligraphy for awhile now. Sarah also features work from some my favorite artists, including Rob Ryan and Ray Fenwick, and that damn Starbucks campaign that I hate to admit I really like.

Here are a couple images from Oatmeal and Cinnamon (the last one is my favorite):


rob ryan

I discovered Rob Ryan's work on Etsy a while ago, but he is one of the few artists whose work I like more and more every time I see it. His intricate style of cut paper is lovely and works so well when translated to other mediums, such as the printed tiles.

If you are every in London, you can visit Ryantown, his brick and morter store. There's always his Etsy site too, slightly more convenient.


From Obek Design.


knitty rug

I just about burst out laughing when I saw this knitted mouse rug from Toast. Stitch and Bitchers: anyone up for the challenge of making your own?

Toast rug via Poppytalk


decorating: art

Now that I'm on a decorating binge, I've been trolling Etsy like mad trying to find new artwork for my apartment. Alas, I am incredibly indecisive about these kind of things, so nothing has been purchased yet.

Here are some contenders:

From top: Home Sweet Home by Jenn Ski, Orange Cranes by Sugarloop, Neighborhood by Ashley G, And we've only just begun by Chris Piascik.


projects: side table

Since we have choosen to stay in our apartment, I've decided to purge and redecorate. We've had this Ikea side table for years (I neglected to take a "before" image, unfortunately, but you'll get the idea of it's blandness):

It took about a week, since I could only work on it in the evenings (and yes, that is Jeff's Patron golf bag in the background):

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. Here is the finished product:


enamored with: kitchen chairs, part II

Eek! I just bought the yellow:

They were half off, and honestly, I have been talking about these freaking chairs for over a year now. Ugh - I am the worst impulse shopper.


enamored with: kitchen chairs

If you've met me, then you know that I want these Marais metal chairs from Design Within Reach.

However, if you've met me, then you also know that I can't afford them. At $250 each, they're just not anywhere close to my budget. Pottery Barn offers some eerily similar knock-offs, but at $200, they're not much of a bargain either.

I've been searching the flea for the past few months for something comparable, but to no avail. It's getting pretty dire, as I am now down to only two chairs in my kitchen, one of which is dangerously close to losing one of it's legs. Damn you, expensive taste!


alameda flea market

The Alameda flea market was today. I might be moving soon, so I did my best to refrain from purchasing. Sarah once told me instead of buying something I like, to take a photo of it instead. Here goes:

I did buy this last thing - it's a tin container. Not sure what I am going to do with it, but I'm into fruit right now.


portland: roses and queens

We visited Portland's International Rose Test Garden in Washington Park during our trip last weekend. In addition to the multitude of unique floral varieties, one of my favorite parts of the garden were the plaques which denoted the rose queen from each year. Here are a selection of my favorites:


portland: goods and treasures

I had a chance to do a little vintage shopping while in Portland last weekend. After my visit with Egg Press, I headed over to House, in the Hawthorne district. House is a huge place, filled with stalls of vintage clothing, furniture, and other bits. My first find was this mushroom tin with three different illustrations. I collected tins as a kid, so I always on the lookout for interesting ones.

I was pretty excited to find this pyrex bowl (on top), which matched a dish I had found a few months ago at the Alameda Flea market (which is this weekend - mark your calendars!).

I have been on the lookout for California plate for some time, but they are hard to find. This one is the best I have found so far:

It even includes a close up of the drive-thru tree, a California landmark which I have experienced first hand (it costs $3.00 btw, at least in '01 it did).

My last stop before lunch was Red Light, where I picked up this 70's $10 dress.


portland: clyde common

Although I fully admit to purchasing less than quality items based upon its aesthetic, I refused to be swayed when it comes to food. Jeff and I stumbled upon Clyde Common on our way to dinner on our first night in Portland and were immediately intrigued by its appealing menu and hipster look. We finally got around to eating there as our last meal in town - Labor day lunch.

Clyde Common both looked and tasted exceptional. And for an aesthetic and culinary snob, I was totally satisfied. The restaurant, originally the Clyde Hotel, shares location with the equally hip Ace Hotel and Stumptown coffee roasters.

To say that I loved the aesthetic would be an understatement. The feeling was schoolhouse meets industrial loft, with books and lacquered pages grazing the walls.

As usual, Jeff loved the bar, with it's metal and wood finishes.

Oh, and our lunch was great too. I neglected to take any photos, but both our chicken and fish sandwiches were excellent.

portland: a visit with egg press

Egg Press has always been one of my favorite stationers, even before I got in the business. When I found out I was going to Portland, I made sure to schedule a visit to their studio.

Their studio is located in south east Portland, and their neighbors include other designers, architects and artists. It reminded me of a smaller version of the American Industrial Center (in Dogpatch) where my job used to be - and never thought I would miss!

Inside, the studio is broken into three rooms: pressroom, office and warehouse. Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot happening (it was a holiday weekend after all), but the staff that were in attendance were incredibly friendly and full of travel advice. A special thanks to Kara, who came in on her day off to show me around. Thanks again!