book wallpaper diy

Here are the steps I used to make book wallpaper without actually gluing it to the wall:
1. Find a book you are willing to part with. In my case, The Dead Father's Club was mysterious left on the windshield of my car back when I still lived in San Francisco. It was meant to be!
2. Remove pages from the book by removing the outer cover OR leave said book in the back of your car for the next few months. Make sure to park car in bright sunlight. The spine will come off all on its own!
3. Collect loose pages and discard any that are torn, crinkled or repeat the word "condom" all over the page (unless you want THAT kind of wallpaper).

4. Measure your wall and determine how many pages you'll need width-wise. Do the same for the height.
5. Using packing tape, carefully tape the pages together. This is kinda tedious. Put the TV on, or listen to NPR while doing this. If working by an open window, use books or cooking magazines to hold down the taped pages while you work.
6. Once you have taped enough pages together to meet your desired height and width, CAREFULLY transport your wallpaper to its intended home. Having a friend to help is good.
7. Thumbtack or pushpin wallpaper to wall. Tack all four corners as needed.
That's it! When you are ready to take it down, simply remove the pushpins and recycle!


book wallpaper!

I successfully made my own version of the book wallpaper I posted about last week. I am THRILLED with how it came out (although I am finding it near impossible to take a photo that shows what it actually looks like). Here is the best view:
Want to make your own? It's incredibly easy - stay tuned for a DIY tutorial tomorrow!

enamored with: apples, part II

Blog and ye shall receive! My aunt send me these adorable apple containers this weekend - thanks Tina!


book wallpaper

I'm thinking of trying to make a temporary version of this book wallpaper for my apartment...well, temporary in the sense that I'm not gluing it to the wall (can't imagine the landlords will go for that.) Will report back on the status!
Photos from NYGIF booths by Nole.


right and wrong

It's waaaaaaay too hot for gloves right now, but these are funny.


traffic jam

For no other reason than I thought it was hilarious, I lined up the cars from my Muji Paris in a bag set on the windowsill. It's rather silly, but it makes me laugh every time I walk by.


pictures of the year

Pictures of the Year, International is the current exhibit at the Annenberg Space for Photography. It's an incredibly moving and inspiring exhibit that truly showcases the power of photography. If you live in Los Angeles and haven't been the Annenberg space yet, I recommend you go at once!


recent thrift store treasures

Some recent thrift store/garage sale treasures included a sparkly brooch (above), white pots (not photographed), a book about house plants (below),
and party invitations!
I was tempted by the following items, but they didn't end up coming home with me, like this green decanter:
or this old-timie hair dryer:
or this rock polisher:
Vinegar and oil containers:
Size 6 Pierre Cardin shoes:


enamored with: apples

As if my apple obsession wasn't obvious already, I'm adding this clock (above) to the list, as well as this decorative dish:
...and this wicker container:
...plus a wooden version:
...or a wooden tray:
....and yellow bowls:
....this sugar dish:


wood + tape

I agree with Caroline (aka Greedy Girl) - this tape dispenser would look great on my desk too.


enamored with: eyeglasses

Even though I got new glasses not so long ago, I'm really into these wood frames from Indie Nation...
...same goes for the brightly colored hues from Warby Parker.
And today is my third anniversary! We're celebrating by going to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants....crutches and all!




Inspired by this (seen at Renegade LA), I made my own version for a friend. It was super easy, and I got all the materials (except for the container) at my favorite hardware store in LA.


{ belt }

Speaking of jewelry, I'm also pretty smitten with this belt bracelet from Erica Weiner.