book wallpaper diy

Here are the steps I used to make book wallpaper without actually gluing it to the wall:
1. Find a book you are willing to part with. In my case, The Dead Father's Club was mysterious left on the windshield of my car back when I still lived in San Francisco. It was meant to be!
2. Remove pages from the book by removing the outer cover OR leave said book in the back of your car for the next few months. Make sure to park car in bright sunlight. The spine will come off all on its own!
3. Collect loose pages and discard any that are torn, crinkled or repeat the word "condom" all over the page (unless you want THAT kind of wallpaper).

4. Measure your wall and determine how many pages you'll need width-wise. Do the same for the height.
5. Using packing tape, carefully tape the pages together. This is kinda tedious. Put the TV on, or listen to NPR while doing this. If working by an open window, use books or cooking magazines to hold down the taped pages while you work.
6. Once you have taped enough pages together to meet your desired height and width, CAREFULLY transport your wallpaper to its intended home. Having a friend to help is good.
7. Thumbtack or pushpin wallpaper to wall. Tack all four corners as needed.
That's it! When you are ready to take it down, simply remove the pushpins and recycle!


Gail said...

You are amazing! and funny too!

Kristine said...

I love it - can't wait to see it in person