enamored with: blue

After much obsessing I bought navy clogs*. Currently, I'm liking them with this skirt and turquoise nail polish.

*My clogs are made by Sven, but this specific style is only sold through Shoe Market, in Williamsburg, for reasons unknown. I saw them there when I was visiting NYC back in May, and ordered them over the phone. They are usually sold without the ankle strap (seen here), so I requested that one be added. If you want to order a pair, feel free to contact me, and I'll share the breadth of my knowledge - I wasn't joking when I said this was an obsession! Oh, and they are pretty comfy, I mean, as far as wood bottomed shoes go.


Gail said...

very coordinated with your toe polish. are they comfortable to wear and walk?

Shayna said...

oh no, those are great. i'm currently rocking one of my two recently purchased pairs. today it's my red troentorps...but i'm loving your blue ones...what style are those?