the flushing food adventure

Inspired by this article, it became apparent that a trip to Flushing was in the future and it didn't take much to convince Jeff of the same. We started out at the Flushing Mall food court for noodles (below). To be honest, these weren't that exciting, so we hightailed to our next stop.
Along a window on Main St (at 40th) we had a delicious peking duck sandwich for $1 (below).
Further along Main (at 41st) is AA Plaza. The first window sold scallion pancakes ($1 each)...
 ...while the second sold pork bao (4 for $1.25). I made the mistake of not eating quickly enough, and lost my second bao to Jeff. Doh!
After a little confusion we found the food court of the Golden Mall and watched in awe as "Peter" proceeded to hand pull noodles at Lanzhou Handmade Noodles. He said it would take six months to teach us how to do it. Instead, we decided to enjoy a bowl of beef noodle soup ($5):
 All photos by me.


original unoriginal hat

Overall it has been an exceptionally mild winter in NYC, but I'm from California, so naturally I think its cold. I was a little jealous of Jeff's new hat, so I decided to make myself a new one as well.
Ravelry: Unoriginal Hat (I added the ribbing and pom pom)


reading, watching, listening

Reading: DV by Diana Vreeland
Watching: Downton Abbey
Listening: Loverboy, Brett Dennen


museum of the moving image

Image from here.
The Museum of the Moving Image hosted a super fun exhibit on the work on Jim Henson. I especially like the footage of the his early commercial work, like Mr. Linit (below):

More info on the exhibit here.


bronx zoo

Since Jeff already got his birthday wish, the rest of the birthday celebration was pretty much in the bag. We spent a cold and snowy day at the Bronx Zoo, where we practically had the whole place to ourselves - apparently not many New Yorkers are eager to be outdoors during inclement weather. They really missed out, as it was pretty spectacular to see a polar bear in the snow.
More photos here.
All photos by me. 


snow day

We got our first winter snow this weekend, so Jeff and I went to the park to play.
Photos by me.



Image from here.
Tomorrow is Jeff's birthday and I really really want to do something extra special for him. He planned a super fun two day birth-date for me, so the pressure is on! The added complication is that it's cold out, so my options are more limited. Any ideas?


blog breakdown

Oh, geez.
Illustration by Roz Chast via We Heart NY.


museum of art and design: crafting modernism

Crafting Modernism at the Museum of Art & Design is now closed, but you can still see all the pieces from the exhibit here. Do what I did and envision everything neatly arranged in your dream home.


135 prospect park southwest

135 Prospect Park Southwest was the childhood home of my grandfather before he hightailed it out of Brooklyn for warmer western lands. The pre-war building was built in 1929 and has a fancy lobby and period details.
All photos by me.


brooklyn museum

It's pretty dumb that I haven't visited the Brooklyn Museum until now (and by "pretty dumb" I really mean "downright idiotic"). My mom and I went to see the final show from the winner of Work of Art (I think we might be the only people that actually watch this show) which was by far the the least interesting thing there. The museum was amazing - from the temporary installation by Situ Studio (below) to the incredible, super famous Dinner Party by Judy Chicago, we were blown away. If you've never seen The Dinner Party in person, it's truly one of the most special pieces I've ever seen.
All photos by me.


travel envy: piemonte

 Jeff is in Italy again without me. The nerve of some people.
Photos by Jeff.