the flushing food adventure

Inspired by this article, it became apparent that a trip to Flushing was in the future and it didn't take much to convince Jeff of the same. We started out at the Flushing Mall food court for noodles (below). To be honest, these weren't that exciting, so we hightailed to our next stop.
Along a window on Main St (at 40th) we had a delicious peking duck sandwich for $1 (below).
Further along Main (at 41st) is AA Plaza. The first window sold scallion pancakes ($1 each)...
 ...while the second sold pork bao (4 for $1.25). I made the mistake of not eating quickly enough, and lost my second bao to Jeff. Doh!
After a little confusion we found the food court of the Golden Mall and watched in awe as "Peter" proceeded to hand pull noodles at Lanzhou Handmade Noodles. He said it would take six months to teach us how to do it. Instead, we decided to enjoy a bowl of beef noodle soup ($5):
 All photos by me.


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Peking duck! nom nom nom

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