city of roses

I am off to Portland for the weekend with family. I am expecting to eat and drink well, and maybe get a chance to check out some design-y stuff.

Here is my short list:
egg press (I'm hoping to visit to their studio)
ink & peat (getting tons of blog mentions)
oblation papers and press (been a big fan since the days of USP)
red sail (I just met the owner in NY)
knittn kitten (a craft supply thrift store!)
office (yet another paper store)
twist (jewelry)


enamored with: dining table and chairs

I really love this dining table with it's secret chairs.

From Chubby Brothers via MoCo Loco.


dancing queen

I had the pleasure of seeing Ruby Ann, my youngest cousin, perform with her equally adorable dance troupe at Pier 39 this weekend. At last, the hours I have spent watching "So you think you can dance" have finally paid off!


hammerpress prints

I just adore these prints from Hammerpress:

A bargain too - just ten bucks apiece! How cute would these be as baby shower gifts?


another celebrity encounter

To be honest, I wouldn't say that Anne Taintor is much of a celebrity outside the stationery world, but to me, she's been a huge inspiration. Her irreverent humor is truly fantastic:

Sabrina and I stopped by her booth at the gift show, and she was incredibly nice and chatty. Her booth was made to look like a 1950's kitchen, which you can (sort of) see in this picture:


amazing celebrity sighting

Growing up in Los Angeles, I'm seen some pretty famous people in my day, but I was truly starstruck when I saw Jonathan Adler at the New York gift show. Jonathan Adler is one of my absolute favorite designers, and he couldn't have been nicer or more charming. He was even kind enough to pose for a photo with Sabrina and I:

happy anniversary to me

A year ago I had the absolute pleasure of vowing to spend the rest of my life with my very favorite person in the whole world. It was my joy to share that day with my amazing family and truly wonderful friends. I have such fond memories of our wedding day - truly one of the best days of my life. Here's to many more fantastic experiences - cheers!


welcome to new york

I've arrived. Got my name on a Lincoln Navigator and everything.


real big apple

I'm off to New York tonight for the gift show, which hopefully should be a good experience. I am going to attempt to blog from the show, but I'm not promising anything.



This is where I'll be this weekend. Inner tubes and inappropriately named cocktails await!



I shot some photos of Darcy and Sean this weekend, new babies of old friends, for their announcements. Here are my favorites:


knitted monster

Here is my finished monster, based on my instructions from Kate. I changed it up a bit, mostly because I am lazy and truly hate sewing. I made the legs as part of the body piece, rather than sewing them on later. I also added a mouth, as monsters do like to eat. Jen's shower isn't until the end of the month, but I might get antsy and give it to her earlier.

instructions for the monster

Inspired by Kate Sutton's knitted monsters, I decided to make my own for my friend Jen, due this September. When I asked Kate for some tips on how to make one, here is what she sent me:

Ridiculous, right?


i'm famous (hardly)

Eunice and I were interviewed for Craft magazine this week. We didn't realize the interview included a video camera. Note that I am holding the plate upside down: