prospect park

Why have I not been to Prospect Park or the botanical garden since the summer? It's so nice there.
All photos by me.


new york historical society

The New York Historical Society is the city's oldest museum. It just underwent a three year renovation making it the city's newest museum as well. My favorite section was the Center for Study of American Culture with over 40,000 objects from American life (images above and below).
All photos by me.


foods this weekend

Cooked: two pumpkin pies (above), crackers, edamame, red pepper and spiced carrots dips.
Enjoyed: cheese picnic in the park (above), classic nyc dinner, and dim sum.

What do you eat?



Another day, another donut.
Dulce de leche donut from Dough via Smorgasburg.


the train show!

One of the main attractions at the New York Botanical Garden was its annual Holiday Train show, featuring replicas of major New York city and state landmarks made out of nuts, bark, leaves and other plant material (and a whole lot of hot glue). Fun!


new york botanical garden

My goal to visit all five boroughs was completed this weekend with a trip to the lovely New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx. It's fun to have seasons - look at all those leaves!
All photos by me.



Can't wait to see this exhibit.



Just reveling in my first east coast fall.
All images by me taken at Storm King Art Center.


storm king art center

As I mentioned before, there is a lot to see and do in New York City, but there is also a lot to see and do outside of New York City. About an hour and a half drive from NYC (or 2 hours if you get lost) is Storm King Art Center, a 500 acre sculpture park. Well worth the drive (which was all fall loveliness) the park was one of the most unique settings for art I've seen. Storm King is open the next few weekends and then will close for the season. I'm looking forward to going back in the spring.
More photos here.
All photos by me.



Kind of a random post, but I seasonalized my closet this week and I couldn't be more pleased with the decision. Look! You can see the floor! I can actually get things out! This whole "living with seasons" thing has turned into a real learning process.


mother and daughter

I started out making a hat for a 12-month-old but somehow messed up the sizing so much that it ended up fitting me. Instead, I made a new smaller version for the actual baby and am going to give the larger one to her mum so they can be twinsy-bops.


daphne guinness at fit

Daphne Guinness is a socialite and heiress with a seriously out of control closet. Out of control enough that she has an exhibit dedicated to her style currently at FIT. After reading this New Yorker article, I was curious enough to check it out. It was pretty inspiring - she has some really amazing pieces.
This white McQueen dress was my favorite:



Took a trip uptown to see the Hats exhibition at the Bard Graduate Center. It was so incredible that I kinda felt I needed to go hat shopping immediately. This is cute for winter, no?


nyc marathon

The NYC marathon route was only a few blocks from our house and it was crazy! Besides the thousands of runners, it was so cool to see how many people came out to support them. I also appreciated that Williamsburg hosted both a rock band and a non-marching marching band.



Those crazy kids over at Egg Press just came out with this good luck card in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. They even came up with a list of suggested recipients (number 6 is my favorite):

Top ten occasions to send a Good Luck with Your Boobs card
1. breast cancer
2. suspicious breast lump
3. birth of a child / nursing mom
4. breast augmentation
5. breast reduction
6. pre-puberty
7. birthday / aging
8. wearing a strapless gown
9. running a marathon
10. European beach vacation