Any thoughts on over the knee socks? They're pretty cute and possibly a more comfortable option then wearing tights....Sadly, I'm still learning how to dress for LA (even though I've lived here nearly a year now!) and I'm always too hot. Maybe it's because of the rampant use of heat lamps when the weather dips below 70ยบ (Seriously, put a sweater on!). Also, is over the knee just a less skanky way of saying thigh high?
Images from J. Crew.

what i wore

Dress: Vintage (also seen here) / Belt: H&M/ Shoes: Sven/ Sunglasses: Paul Frank


inappropriate quotation marks

From my new favorite website.

some thoughts on decorating

A good friend is moving and requested that I do a post on paint colors. As a designer, the most difficult thing for me is looking at a blank screen. I need inspiration, visuals and/or a concept in order to produce anything viable...and the same goes for decorating. Here are a couple of my favorite sources for home decor inspiration:
Magazines: Sadly, Domino is no longer. However, there is a dedicated Flickr pool with over 500 images, as well as a number of stories and slide shows on the Brides website. Elle Decor, Dwell and House Beautiful are also good (and still in print!).
 Blogs: There are way too many amazing decorating blogs to mention, but some of my favorites include Little Green Notebook, sneak peeks at Design*Sponge, Remodelista, and the ridiculously resourceful Apartment Therapy
Online magazines: It seems like there is a new online magazine every week. My current favorites are Lonny and Rue.

My number one recommendation with decorating is to take your time. Hopefully, you'll be living in your space for at least a little bit, so pick items, colors and pieces that you love....and have fun!


knitted piggy banks

Speaking of knitting.....how funny are these knitted piggy banks from Donna Wilson? You put your money where their mouth is! Man, I crack myself up.
Thanks to Heather for the link!


fashioning fashion

Fashioning Fashion, the exhibit on view at the new Resnick Pavilion, was broken into four parts: timeline, tailoring, trim, and bling (not sure why the curators couldn't have used a less ridiculous word!)


resnick pavilion

The Resnick Pavilion recently opened at LACMA, designed by Renzo Piano. Reminiscent of both the Nasher Sculpture Center and the Broad Contemporary Art Museum (both designed by Piano) the space is the largest purposefully built, naturally lit, open-plan museum space in the world. The outdoor area features a palm garden by Robert Irwin.
 Photos by me.


knitted flats

These look comfy.

Anna is the winner of the bargain shopping giveaway! Wear it with pride sister.

giant clothespin

From artist Mehmet Ali Uysal.
Via milk.


watermelon radish

Have you ever had a watermelon radish? They are spicy and delicious. I first discovered them from our CSA in San Francisco, and soon had a minor obsession. I was told that they are only available in the bay area, so imagine my excitement when I saw them at the Hollywood farmers market last weekend. Yum....!

One more day to enter the bargain shopping giveaway! The object of your affection is this dress.




I originally knit this bowtie for myself but quickly realized that I didn't have the preppy prowess to pull it off, so I gave it to my friend Lia. Doesn't she look cute?


shareen's vintage

Shareen Vintage is kinda like candyland for women's vintage clothing, and when I say it's in the middle of nowhere, I mean it's at a dead end next to train tracks and Goodwill's distribution center. There are no dressing rooms and therefore "no boys allowed". Once inside the somewhat bizarre warehouse space you are greeted with racks upon racks of extraordinary organized vintage dresses, gowns, and some truly one of a kind pieces.
Unfortunately, its not as cheap as I usually am, but still not totally outrageous. I got these two dresses for about $30 each.
Thanks to Kasey for taking me!


bargain shopping + a giveaway!

Some items I picked up at the Jet Rag $1 sale (last frequented circa 1998) included a denim colored cinched shirt (above), and  flowered shirt (thinking of making this short-sleeved) below:
Pink plaid shirt:
and this adorable 60's number (sans ghastly yellow bow that was on the collar):
This was the piece I was most excited to find and the one thing I didn't try on (have you been? You wouldn't want to try anything on there either) and therefore does not fit. So, I'm giving it away! It would probably best fit a size 4 or 6 and is a tad on the shorter side, but not so much that the world becomes your gynecologist. Would you like it? It's very cute despite that fact that I didn't iron it. Just leave a comment here telling me why you want it, or what you'd wear it with, or just something random. Best answer wins!
Shipping is on me, so US residents only please. Thanks!


what i wore

Dress: Anthropologie (also seen here)/ Camisole: Thrifted/ Belt: Rose Bowl flea market/ Tights: Loehmanns/ Shoes: Kenneth Cole/ Scarf: gift (thanks Anna!)/ Clutch: Alameda flea market


another post about booze

If you've been reading small medium large for awhile now, you are aware that I like the sauce. You might also be aware that my husband does too, enough that he's made a career out of it. He has decided to start a wine club through a local shop near our home and I am doing some rather nepotistic promotion. But if you like wine (and who doesn't, really?!), it's a great deal and the wines are awesome. If you live in Los Angeles, you don't even have to pay shipping. All the details can be found here and feel free to email me if you have any questions. Cheers!
Photo from here.

cement pearls

These cement pearls are pretty.
Via NotCouture.


a royal find

There I was, just taking my daily walk through the neighborhood, on the phone with Anna, when I saw a stack of suitcases by the curb. Never one to shy away from other people's garbage, I poked through and saw this number - a 60's (?) era Royal typewriter! I can't believe someone was going to throw this away! Now I just need to know where to get ribbon, and the investigative reporting can begin!


what i wore

Dress: Anthropologie, altered/ Shoes: Sven/ Purse: thrifted/ Sunglasses: Paul Frank/ Jewelry: from my grandmothers 


just a helpful map (not to scale)

From the Gene Autry Museum.

shiny and sparkly

I don't know about you, but living in this glittery alcove looks pretty sweet to me.