some thoughts on decorating

A good friend is moving and requested that I do a post on paint colors. As a designer, the most difficult thing for me is looking at a blank screen. I need inspiration, visuals and/or a concept in order to produce anything viable...and the same goes for decorating. Here are a couple of my favorite sources for home decor inspiration:
Magazines: Sadly, Domino is no longer. However, there is a dedicated Flickr pool with over 500 images, as well as a number of stories and slide shows on the Brides website. Elle Decor, Dwell and House Beautiful are also good (and still in print!).
 Blogs: There are way too many amazing decorating blogs to mention, but some of my favorites include Little Green Notebook, sneak peeks at Design*Sponge, Remodelista, and the ridiculously resourceful Apartment Therapy
Online magazines: It seems like there is a new online magazine every week. My current favorites are Lonny and Rue.

My number one recommendation with decorating is to take your time. Hopefully, you'll be living in your space for at least a little bit, so pick items, colors and pieces that you love....and have fun!


Sara said...

This is awesome! The colors are fun. What I am getting from the bottom picture is that we should get a huge photo of Neil and Sean underwater in their boxers. :) Can't wait for you guys to come up and see the house!

Jeff H. said...

Hey, these are great links as Rachel and I start setting up our new place. I'll check out this place for inspiration sometimes also: http://www.desiretoinspire.net -in spite of their occasional pet photos, digging through the archives can be good.

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Lovely decoration. Very colorful too.

Paula M