Any thoughts on over the knee socks? They're pretty cute and possibly a more comfortable option then wearing tights....Sadly, I'm still learning how to dress for LA (even though I've lived here nearly a year now!) and I'm always too hot. Maybe it's because of the rampant use of heat lamps when the weather dips below 70ยบ (Seriously, put a sweater on!). Also, is over the knee just a less skanky way of saying thigh high?
Images from J. Crew.

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Heather Susong said...

love them! Full tights can be too warm. Long socks make it easier to control how warm you want to be. "Thigh high" are nylons; "over the knee" are long socks. In fact, I call them "long socks" (see above). There is nothing skanky about them....if it's a choice between bare skin or long socks, you're covering more skin by wearing them.