bargain shopping + a giveaway!

Some items I picked up at the Jet Rag $1 sale (last frequented circa 1998) included a denim colored cinched shirt (above), and  flowered shirt (thinking of making this short-sleeved) below:
Pink plaid shirt:
and this adorable 60's number (sans ghastly yellow bow that was on the collar):
This was the piece I was most excited to find and the one thing I didn't try on (have you been? You wouldn't want to try anything on there either) and therefore does not fit. So, I'm giving it away! It would probably best fit a size 4 or 6 and is a tad on the shorter side, but not so much that the world becomes your gynecologist. Would you like it? It's very cute despite that fact that I didn't iron it. Just leave a comment here telling me why you want it, or what you'd wear it with, or just something random. Best answer wins!
Shipping is on me, so US residents only please. Thanks!


Anna said...

I want it! I like clothes. I am pro-clothes. Especially ones that are $1.

Sara said...

You know I love this... I'm all about the clean line with the unexpected accessory.

icitea said...

I'd like it because when I wear it 'd feel like a pine tree. If I pinned a piece of holly to me... it'd be instant Christmass in a dress!

plus teal is my favorite color.

le.paradis.found at gmail dot com

Khristina said...

Peggy wore a dress just like this, but in charcoal gray, on the season finale of Mad Men.