oheka: the pool

Technically speaking, the pool at Oheka was closed for renovation. However, when a door is left unlocked you better believe I'm not going wait outside. It was all romantically overgrown and dingy in there....beautiful.
Photos by me.
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oheka: inside

Overall, the inside of the castle wasn't as impressive as the outside. There were a lot of interesting period details, but I felt like something was lacking design-wise. The furniture and design details were somewhat dated and just not terribly thoughtful. Our hotel room was great, but of course, I didn't take any photos of that. Here are some of the details I did enjoy.
All photos by me.
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oheka: outside

As I mentioned previously, the grounds at Oheka were a major highlight of the experience. The formal gardens reminded me of a mini-Versailles.....maybe more like a micro-Versailles.
Photos by me. 
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a visit to the castle

How was your Christmas? Jeff and I got a Groupon for a hotel in Long Island and decided to take a little Christmas getaway. The aforementioned hotel was Oheka Castle, the second largest private residence ever built in America. We had a great time (and I have a lot more photos to come) but overall, the hotel felt like a real missed opportunity. We loved our room, the gardens and the history of the property, but the service, design, and food & beverage program left a lot to be desired. Either way, we had a lovely (albeit too short) getaway. More photos and posts to come!
Photos by me.


merry christmas!

Love, Williamsburg.
Photo by me.


good with milk

My overworked husband asked me to make granola to give as gifts for his coworkers. Having a lot of free time this week (Christmas can be a lonely time for a Jew), I was happy to oblige. Here is another shot of the label in case it's hard to read in the above photo.


holiday lights

I love the way NYC decorates for the holidays.
Photos by me.


japan society

image from here.
I went to the Japan Society to see their textile exhibit right before it closed. The exhibit was really interesting, but my favorite part of the visit was the building itself. Designed by Junzo Yoshimura in 1971, the building celebrated its 40th anniversary on 47th Street this year.
image from here.


irish hunger memorial

Every time I visit Lower Manhattan, I discover something new. This trip led to me the Irish Hunger Memorial, a multi-level structure commemorating the Great Potato Famine and drawing attention to current famine struggles.
Photos by me. 


tis the season

New York apartments are notoriously small and mine is no exception. There might be room for two bikes and our booze collection, but sadly, there isn't room for a Christmas tree. No matter! A little tape and a couple holiday cards, and voila! My very own space saving Christmas tree. You'll notice I've only received three holiday cards this year - I guess that's what happens when you move twice in two years. If you send me a card, I'll add it to my tree!


could you not do that please?

I'm somewhat selling out my own gender by posting this, but it's pretty hilarious. Take a gander!
Via Milk.


the brooklyn christmas tree

Your eyes do not deceive you - this is indeed a christmas tree made from PBR cans, metro cards and tennis shoes.
Photos by me.

chill in the air

I left New York for ten days and all the leaves disappeared.
Photo by me.


two bouquets

My sister got married this weekend.
Her and my bouquets. Photos by me.


malibu creek state park

Took a walk through Malibu Creek State Park to Century Lake. After family and friends, easy hiking access is one of the things I miss most about California.
Photos by me.


crafting, baking, etc.

My baby sister is getting married this weekend and we are in the midst of some major project-ing.
From top: Makeshift version of this, granola baking and favors.