I'm thinking of making a necklace out of all those yoyo's that I got at the flea market a few months ago. Cute or weird?
Photo from The Satorialist, of course.



I took a stroll through San Francisco's chinatown this past weekend, and although it's far from my favorite place in the city, there is something wonderfully nostalgic about the almost cartoonish look of the neighborhood.

I'm also wondering when the term "chinatown" will no longer be socially acceptable to use.


measure up

One of the architects I hung out with this weekend was wearing a fantastic ruler-inspired ring, which reminded me of these bracelets from artist LeeAnn Herreid.

Available here.

sausage + beer

Jeff threw his annual sausage and beer party this past weekend (sorry vegetarians!) and it was delicious.

Read all about it here.


memories of puglia

Looking at photos from Jesse and Ben's honeymoon (wedding photos to come!) reminded me of my own luna di miele a year and a half ago. Jeff and I enjoyed two amazing weeks traveling around Puglia, in southern Italy. We spent the majority of our time either eating, or deciding what to eat next.....it was great.

More photos here.



A couple years ago I attended the release of a new line of stationery from renowned calligrapher Bernard Maisner. Being the stationery dork that I am, I waited in line for him to write my name in his signature style. And having access to a scanner, Adobe Illustrator and expert letterpress printers, I now own signature Maisner stationery all my own.

Thanks to James for printing these!


avedon at moma

Some of my most favorite images from the excellent Richard Avedon exhibit at MoMa included his early photos for Harper's Bazaar....

...as well as his work for In the American West...

moma sculpture garden

I took a long awaited visit to the not so new Museum of Modern Art rooftop garden (complete with Blue Bottle coffee bar). It's nice up there.


sit & eat

Two new prints from Julia Rothman, one of my favorite artists.

Each print is $18 and is available for sale here.
Via D*S.


bagels and bongos

There was an exhibit at the Contemporary Jewish Museum called "Jews on Vinyl," exploring the history of Jewish recorded music from the 1940s to the 1980s. I'm not sure this is going to funny to anyone that isn't a Jew (or married to one) but I thought the titles and covers of the albums were hilarious.

This one is my favorite.

contemporary jewish musuem

I finally visited the newish Contemporary Jewish Museum this weekend. Embarrassingly enough, it was my first visit since the museum opened last year. There's really no good excuse; besides being Jewish and a fan of architect Daniel Libeskind's work, I only work a block away! In any event, I really enjoyed the Maurice Sendak exhibit, one of my favorite childhood authors, full of his illustrations and influences (unfortunately, no photography was allowed in the exhibit).

Thanks to Tracey for letting me know about the exhibit!


used to....

My mother taught me to use an SLR camera when I was twelve. Immediately, I was hooked. I shot for my junior high yearbook for two years, high school for three and in college I was the photo editor of the daily paper. I would spend hours in the darkroom. I won awards. I was serious.
Now I use my point and shoot for stuff I post here and on occasion, when I shoot for Jeff or for work. My mother sent me the above image of some work she recently framed and it took me a minute to realize that they were all things that I shot. I miss shooting and I miss being good at it.


everything is going to be ok

Feeling sorta grouchy today...too bad this poster isn't here to cheer me up.

p is for pretty

By Paul Thurlby via Hello!Lucky


orange crush

Oh, and this was the winning hairpiece from this weekend. The rest of my wedding photos didn't come out so well, so I'll post the professional ones once they are available.