a confession

Hi. My name is Shauna and I'm obsessed with popsicles.


twist and shout

Last night I saw one of my favorite movies for free in the park.

Summer, don't ever end.


bran muffins

Made some bran muffins recently (recipe from here) but ironically, they came out too healthy. I might try them again with more sugar and fat....is that wrong?



New Jersey gets a bad rap, but I found Hoboken to be pretty lovely.
All photos by me.


brighton beach

Partly inspired by the first season of Bored to Death and partly due to the 100°+ weather we had this weekend, I took a trip to Brighton Beach.


caffeine fix



picnic dinner

Every Monday night that we don't have other plans, we're going to have a picnic dinner. This week, we had bread and cheese, salad and pan-fried soft shell crab.
Photos by me.


west 125th street

Met some friends for dinner at Dinosaur BBQ (not as good as Fette Sau, but still really good) and took a couple pictures at the intersection of West 125th and 12th Avenue - isn't the light nice?
All photos by me.


film biz prop shop

The Film Biz Prop Shop is a non-profit thrift store in Brooklyn that gets its donations from the film industry. It's surprisingly cheap (for New York), well organized and has a pleasant staff. Because everything is donated from the film industry, the wares are super random - you never know what you are going to find....antique commode, anyone?
I got this trophy cup for my office.


what to do on governors island

Our third attempt to go to Governors Island proved to be a success (yay!) and it turned out to be such a lovely adventure, a list of suggested activities seemed in order:
 1. Ride your bike and look at all the old military buildings.
 2. Beat your husband at mini-golf.
 3. Eat a smoked pork sandwich while looking at the Statue of Liberty.
 4. Call your mom in Dallas, bragging that you just ate a smoked pork sandwich while looking at the Statue of Liberty. Do this while laying in a hammock.
 5. Notice there is a vending machine that serves hot kosher onion rings. Be sure to note said machine is called "Hot Nosh".
6. Visit the Governors house. Wear a sun hat.


cheese club

Had my first meeting of cheese club this week - goat cheese and cava in the park....my kinda club! I brought Picolin from here - it was delicious.


fun with bunting, II

Remember that bunting I made for my fireplace in LA? I hung it in my bedroom and no, I don't normally make the bed. 


things in pairs

Some photos I took this past weekend.


ellis island

After visiting the Statue of Liberty, the boat continued on to Ellis Island. Fascinating.
All photos by me.


lady of liberty

Played tourist for a day and went to visit lady liberty.
Photos by me.


high line, phase two

After seeing Rainbow City, we journeyed up the stairs to see the recently opened Phase 2 of the High Line. Jeff swears he likes the second section better than the first, but I think they both make up one of the most special places in NYC.
All photos by me.



 Made some brownies for a 4th of July BBQ that ended up getting cancelled. Want one?


rainbow city

Miami based design firm Friends With You created a temporary installation, Rainbow City, at the current north end of the High Line at the lot. Even on a rainy day it was very bright and fun.