travel envy: portugal

I'm incredibly jealous that Jeff is in Portugal right now. Lucky!

This might be the cause of most envy:



Um, duh. Some mermen are French, of course.
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helen breger

Before the Chronicle used photography to showcase the latest fashions, illustrator Helen Breger would sketch the new styles for publication.


some days are better than others...

...like today, when I arrived home to find this red dress hanging in the living room. Apparently, it was gathering dust in Tracey's closet and she thought I might like it. What a great excuse to start photographing my outfits, like so many of the blogs I enjoy looking at.

Thanks Tracey - I love it!


sfgirlbybay @ the curiosity shoppe

I was left rather underwhelmed from the opening reception for the sfgirlbybay show at The Curiosity Shoppe. I've enjoyed Victoria's Sunday in the City series on her blog, but the images didn't translate as well in a gallery setting. It's possible that the tiny gallery space is hard to show in, but the images weren't very compelling in person. My favorite part of the exhibit was the collection of vintage cameras in the front windows.


mental health

Took a much needed mental health day on an extremely rare 90ยบ day in San Francisco. Went to Ocean Beach, had a picnic and got Bi-rite ice cream. Blissful.


i (still) heart horta

I discovered the work of Belgian architect Victor Horta very early in my design career (we're talking high school here) and immediately fell in love with his work. When I studied abroad I was lucky enough to visit the Horta Musuem, in Brussels, housed in a private home he designed at the turn of the century. The detail in his work still astounds me to this day. It's nice to know that my taste hasn't evolved too much; that (gulp) nearly fifteen years ago, I was drawn to the same organic forms and intricate designs that I am today.


at home with loop

Being in the wedding industry has introduced me to so many talented people in the Bay Area. Mary Lois Hare is the proprietor and designer behind Loop Flowers, a local floral and event design company whose stunning work never fails to excite and impress. I may sound like an advertisement, but I had the pleasure of working with Mary Lois for my own wedding, and I was beyond thrilled with her work. She hosted an industry event at her beautiful Richmond district home earlier this week and I was instantly smitten by her sense of style and aesthetic.

Check out this amazing moss sofa! Apparently, it's fully usable...

Naturally, there were tons of floral decorations.

The house was full of sweet details, like this candlestick:


re: houseboats (still)

There were far too many amazing houseboats at the docks to mention, but some of my favorites included The Train Wreck (below), made from an old caboose:

As well as this pirate-inspired boat:

The Mirene is a beautiful refurbished 1912 tugboat that is fully operational:

The Owl was built on top on an abandoned pile driver in the 1970's:

home on a houseboat

We were invited to a lovely lunch aboard the houseboat of some friends this weekend. They had purchased the slip at the Sausalito dock a few years ago, then designed their own structure to live in. The two bedroom, three level house floats, but doesn't move from it's spot in the marina. It's super clean and modern with big windows and white floors, and totally cool. I think both Jeff and I were ready to move right in.

how i spent my saturday



windows & light

I visited the Emeryville studio of photographer Sara Remington this week to help out with a photo shoot for work. Even on a rainy day, the space was full of light - incredibly luminous and brilliant.

enamored with: this doormat

So fantastically nerdy!

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we make words

we make words is literally just that - a blog about words created from other objects. It's pretty sweet.

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This month marks four years since Jeff and I moved to San Francisco. It's the longest I've lived in the same place since moving out of my father's house. Weird.

Photo by me.