wild thing

I am loving the poster and trailer for Where the Wild Things Are, coming to theaters this fall.


TasteSpotting is like Ralvery for recipes! Yummy and totally addicting.


yeah, you're jealous

Intrigued? Read all about on my guest post over at Drink Eat Love.


charley harper

Hey Texans! Go see this Charley Harper exhibit at the Public Trust (in Dallas), now through April.


antlers and birds

I went for drinks at Bloodhound this week, and am loving their lighting fixtures.


this is what a designer would wear to cook

Why, a Pantone apron of course!


the cook

By Julia and available here.


cute vintage shoes

I am trying my best not to buy anything new these days. The idea is to purchase used and vintage in an effort to avoid buying and throwing away crappily produced items. I'm certainly not buying used underwear or toothbrushes, but I like to shop and I was feeling a little guilty about it. In any case, I'm struggling a bit with the shoe situation. I have to run for the train a lot (yes, it is cute), and that's just not possible in heels (or not in my case, anyhow). The point is, vintage shoes are cute, but I'm still rather hesitant to buy them when there is no LRP (liberal return policy). If I were a little braver, I might go for the following:

From here.

From here.

From here.

From here.

From here.

From here.

From here.

an unhealthy obsession with taking photos of jellyfish

Jeff and I took a short trip to Monterey this weekend to see friends and visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium. In addition to the impressive Kelp Forest, I loved the beautiful lit exhibits and scores of different and unique sea life.

The jellyfish were truly mesmerizing...I could have photographed them for hours.



I just finished this hat for Anna. After modeling it for me, she decided that Babo should be part of the fun too.


heath ceramics

Spotted these new Heath Ceramics products on Design*Sponge today. Coincidentally, my mom and sister recently visited their brand new brick and morter store in Los Angeles and sent me these photos of their new space:

Click here to see more of Heath's tile, tableware and pottery.

enamored with: this photograph

I simply love this image.
By Clifton Henri, found via bblinks.


cold necks are for the birds

Via Crafts Dept.

want it

Graphics by Los Angeles artist Shepard Fairey (famous for the Obama HOPE poster) are part of the newest campaign for Saks Fifth Avenue stores, including this limited edition tote (at $20/each, perhaps the most reasonably priced item you will ever find at Saks!). It reminds me of work from Russian designer Alexander Rodchenko:


eschscholzia californica

Spotted this pretty California poppy poster over at the Rockridge Bart station. Part of a series by Berkeley illustrator Mick Wiggins, the posters are inspired by areas around different Bart stations:


stuff i'd like to have, but can't fit into my kitchen

Vintage flour sifter.

Primary colored enamelware pans.

The Galloping Gourmet cookbook.

Retro ice bucket.

Utah salt and pepper shakers.

Mod sugar and pitcher set.

Bright fondue pot.

Illustrated cookie jar.

Fun mid-century tea set.

Awesome cheese platter that hangs on your wall.