transit museum: advertisments

The main attraction of the Transit Museum were the old subway cars complete with advertisements from their particular era. I went a little crazy with the photos but the ads are too great not to. I mean, "84 out of 100 women prefer men who wear hats"?


transit museum

Have you ever been to the Transit Museum? Its easily now become one of my favorite museums in NYC - totally fascinating and so much to see! We took the free guided tour (let by a subway conductor) which I highly recommend. The museum is located in Brooklyn's Court Street station (which is no longer used) and features all the different styles of cars used throughout the years.
The graphic design alone is worth a visit - stay tuned for another post on the advertisements.


mouse hat

One of my very good friends (who is also an amazing knitter) is with child, and this presented a real conundrum - what do you make the master knitter? The last pregnant member of the SF knitting group received the flock mobile, so this couldn't be a half-assed endeavor. KW had the genius idea to each create an animal from a classic children's book as our gift (along with the book). I picked Goodnight Moon, and made a matching mouse hat.
Can I brag about what amazing knitters my friends are? They stayed on track with the concept (toy patterns aren't my strong suit). Khristina made this adorable caterpillar:
 And Nell made a super cute elephant:


elliott erwitt

The International Center for Photography's current exhibit, Elliott Erwitt: Personal Best was really, really lovely. It's fun to see photos of New York while you are in New York.


east river ferry

The brand new East River Ferry connects lower Manhattan with Dumbo, Williamsburg and Greenpoint ending up in Midtown....pretty nice views for a $4 fare!
All photos by me.


birth-date, day 2

Day 2 of the birth-date weekend couldn't have been more opposite than day 1. We spent the day seeing free art in Manhattan - in stores, office lobbies, restaurants and public spaces. Some of my favorites were the Ruan Hoffmann exhibit at the Anthropologie gallery at Rockefeller Center (above). We also visited the David LaChapelle piece at Lever House (these kinda look like the chains I have in my office....except with naked ladies..ha!).
 We ogled the mid-century beauty of the Four Seasons restaurant in the Seagram building:
 Another stop was to see Moveable Type in the New York Times building:
Additionally, we looked at the James Turrell installation at 505 5th Avenue and Jenny Holzer's work at 7 World Trade Center. I so recommended visiting some of these places - such a fun way to discover New York!


birth-date, day 1, part 2

After our lunch on the beach, we headed back over the bridge to Dead Horse Bay, a rather unpleasant name for a most unusual place. It was once a horse rendering plant (hence the name) which later became a landfill. In the 1950's the cap of the landfill exploded and today the beach is filled with remnants of that explosion (I realize this sounds disgusting, and it's not for everyone, but I thought it was cool).
All photos by me.


birth-date, day 1

Instead of a birthday present this year, I asked Jeff for a birth-date, and I was not disappointed! He planned a two day adventure, covering both outdoor and cultural activities. Day one included a looooong bike ride to Fort Tilden and Jacob Riis Park, where we enjoyed sandwiches and rose.



Speaking of recent purchases, I also got this rug for my office using a credit that my mom generously donated to my decorating cause. Thanks Marm!