mouse hat

One of my very good friends (who is also an amazing knitter) is with child, and this presented a real conundrum - what do you make the master knitter? The last pregnant member of the SF knitting group received the flock mobile, so this couldn't be a half-assed endeavor. KW had the genius idea to each create an animal from a classic children's book as our gift (along with the book). I picked Goodnight Moon, and made a matching mouse hat.
Can I brag about what amazing knitters my friends are? They stayed on track with the concept (toy patterns aren't my strong suit). Khristina made this adorable caterpillar:
 And Nell made a super cute elephant:


Khristina said...

You should get Sara to send you a picture of Mary Jo's brown bear--it takes the cake.

Anna said...

The cuteness... I cannot handle it! <3 them all.