los angeles favorites: places

When I moved to Los Angeles my number one goal was to explore the city as much as possible. Growing up, my world was pretty limited to the westside, and I was really determined to see a different side of LA and take advantage of all the city had to offer. In the past year, I spent a lot of weekends going on cultural adventures, including a tour of the Watts Towers (above), Velaslavasay Panorama, Hollyhock House (below) and Gamble House (below).

All photos by me.


los angeles favorites: neighborhoods

Although neighborhoods like Echo Park and Silverlake are very cool and hipster (only in a slightly annoying way) there is something really unique and special about Venice - especially the Venice canals. Like a small oasis (with a somewhat fishy smell) the canals are a pretty unusual sight.
I'm going to get some strange responses to this one, but I love downtown LA. It feels established and timeless with some stunning architecture and lots of hidden places to explore.

a farewell of sorts

Before I left San Francisco, I meant to post all my favorite places, but for whatever reason that didn't happen. Next week I'll attempt to make a couple lists of my favorite things, food and activities that I enjoyed over the last year in Los Angeles.
Photo by me.



To expand on yesterday's news, Jeff got a promotion and we leave in less than two weeks. We have no place to live, very little idea on how to find an apartment in New York and way too much stuff to get rid of. If you live in LA and need a dining table/desk, bookshelf, credenza, refrigerator or car OR you live in New York and know of an apartment for rent along the L, or ACE lines please email me!
Photo by me.


ever upward

So....that happened.
After a little over a year in Los Angeles, we are packing up for New York. 

Image from here.


closet visit

Do you read Closet Visit? You should. Artist Jeana Sohn visits fashionable Los Angeles women and photographs their closets and outfits. Seriously, what's not to like?


enamored with: tiny gold rings (again)

Love these!!! This one too (must be part of my new turquoise obsession).
Via Unruly things


jude's birthday invitation

Look at this cute invitation that Eunice made for Jude's 1st birthday.



Spotted this beautiful anchor necklace over on my friend Hannah's blog....I didn't even know I liked turquoise, but this is really stunning. From here.

Also - did you know that Anthropologie launched a wedding line? Not surprising, it's highly gorgeous.


from above

My friend Jessica sent me these aerial images shot by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Amazing.


interweb randomness

Really enjoying the lovely images of these eggs (found here)....
....this beautiful handmade purse (found here)....
...and this fun wrapping paper (found here)!


happy valentine's day!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Cards from here.



Really enjoying this valentine designed by Julia Rothman for Kate Spade. Get it here!


enameled lockets

These lockets are pretty.
Via Unruly Things.


unraveling calendar

Spotted this clever calendar at ABC Home while in NYC......you just slowly unravel the fabric every day until the end of the year.



Some friends and I met up for a casual backyard brunch this weekend. The pièce de résistance were these cinnamon pull-aparts - extra gooey and delicious!


los angeles central library

Inspired by my trip to the NYC library, I visited the main branch of the Los Angeles library.
More photos here.


pom pom flowers

Thinking of making some pom pom flowers this weekend.....also thinking about sleeping in and over-eating.....decisions, decisions...


enamored with: more clogs

How many pairs of clogs is too many? Because I'm really loving the new designs and colors from the 2011 Swedish Hasbeens collection...
Via CaliVintage.


griffith observatory

The Griffith Observatory sure does host some impressive views.


amanda hat

I made this hat. I also got a haircut.*
*I ended up donating my hair to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program which makes wigs for both children and adults affected by cancer.
Ralvelry: Amanda Hat