staten island adventure day

When my friend Julia asked if I would be interested in exploring Staten Island, the answer was obvious (duh, of course!). Our first stop was Fort Wadsworth, one of the oldest military installations in the country (above and below).
Next, we visited New York's only Tattoo Museum, complete with historical reenactments, vintage flash and a large collection of machines (below).
Feeling culturally inspired, we decided to check out the Tibetan Museum - a little uninspiring, although its random suburban location was kinda interesting.
Conveniently located near the museum is New York's only Frank Lloyd Wright designed house - The Crimson Beech. The original owners had the pieces manufactured in Wisconsin and shipped to Staten Island, where the house was erected in 1959.
After a short pizza break, we headed to my favorite landmark of the day - the tugboat graveyard. This scrapyard reminded me a lot of my trip to Dead Horse Bay except way creepier.
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