a year in new york city

It's been just over a year since we arrived in New York and it seems like some sort of reflection is in order. I feel like Jeff and I have really packed a lot in the last year in terms of exploring the city. To date, I think Storm King was our best adventure yet, followed by Sandy Hook.
Within the city limits, I loved exploring Governors Island....
...seeing my first big time fashion show....
and visiting the zoo in the snow.
We've eaten some amazing meals. The most amazing (and most expensive) meal had to be Stone Barns, but we've also enjoyed some great street food, and of course, lots and lots of cheese.
Culturally, I've seen some incredible exhibits, the best of which has to have been Alexander McQueen at the Met. Additionally, I enjoyed Jim Henson at the Museum of the Moving Image, the hat exhibit at Bard College and the permanent collection at the Brooklyn Museum.
New York also boasts an impressive variety of outdoor space. My favorites are the Brooklyn Botanical garden in Prospect Park and Wave Hill Gardens.
This next year I look forward to revisiting my favorite spots as well as exploring more outside the city. Happy anniversary New York!
©all photos by me.


Jesse said...

Nice post, but over here we prefer to call it, "a year without Shauna." And join Facebook already, will you??

Marm said...

Ditto and double ditto to my darling Jesse! (not the Facebook part)