We got back yesterday from an eight day trip to Argentina with Jeff's parents - we spent three days in Buenos Aries and five in Bariloche (a mountainous lake region in Patagonia). The trip was great - lots of sightseeing, steak eating, Malbec drinking and pretty stuff-seeing. I'll do my best to recount my highlights in future posts.

There was one bummer thing that happened which is why none of these future posts will be accompanied by any of my own photos. My camera was stolen, as in literally picked out of my purse while I was wearing it, in the last hour of our last day in Buenos Aires. Jeff suggested I blog about the experience, so here I am, getting it all out, and then we can go back to regular programming. To end the vacation on this note was pretty upsetting, not just because I lost all the photos from the trip, but because I know better. I live in freaking New York City! I never once felt unsafe in Argentina and the neighborhood where this happened was a nice, high-end area - like Soho or Union Square.

More than anything, this has been a major blow to my ego. Formally, I had felt pretty smug about my street smarts and I've always been someone who has paid attention to their surroundings. I mean, part of my job is to catch errors and notice details....I hate that this happened in another city, because I immediately went to a bad place assuming I was targeted because I was a foreigner, but that's not fair. It could have easily happened in NYC or Los Angeles or San Francisco. And I'm fortunate it was my camera that was the most accessible item and not my wallet or passport.

So, here's to you, thief, for teaching me a valuable, ego-blowing lesson. I hope you enjoy my fifty-seven photos of the Los Arrayanes myrtle trees, my one hundred and six images of the Recoleta cemetery, and god knows how many pictures of steak.


Casa Rosada photo from here.

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