more liberty of london for target

I visited my local Target store to check out the much anticipated Liberty of London collection and was met with severely bare shelves. I guess I waited too long. I did break my not new rule and bought an oilcloth purse, one of the few things left on the shelves.
I was pretty disappointed in the quality of the clothing fabrics - most were made from synthetic materials, somewhat ironic since Liberty is known for their cotton prints. Also, I was unable to find any Liberty products in the Mens department, which was disappointing. There are still a fair number of things available online including other designs of the oilcloth purse:
Are these cuter than the one I got?


Khristina said...

Lady, please fix that typo in the title!

Shauna said...

Done! So embarrassing :(

meresanfran said...

I think the bag you got is the cutest! I'm off to the Berkeley Target tomorrow - hopefully they'll have some things left!