I'm borderline obsessed with Design Within Reach's Flocks Pouf, although much less so with it's $1,000+ price tag. Albeit, it is hand knit on some crazy big needles (see below), but that is quite far out of my price range.

I was considering the somewhat lunatic idea of making my own (this patten looks pretty easy), but requires 18 (!) skeins of yarn, and that's not cheap either. And what if it pilled?! That would be truly tragic.

But then, through the magic of the blogoshere, I found this knock-off from CB2 for $80. That's 1/15th the price of the original, and certainly less than 18 skeins of yarn. And it comes in this pleasing shade of green.

Am I a total sell-out/hater/general lazy-ass if I buy the knock-off? Eek! What's a righteous design snob to do?


Khristina said...

Make your own. I'll send Mary Todd to you if you want it!

Working Stay-At-Home Mom said...

You could make your own using a cheaper material. Rope would be cheaper. Just an idea.

I agree, they are fabulous. If only I was rich.