lamp update

If you're just joining us, I recently moved from a one bedroom apartment in San Francisco to a three bedroom flat in Los Angeles. A former strict purger of stuff, I have now become an acquirer. I also try (as much as possible) to only buy used or vintage. I've recently have some success in the lighting department, finding the above lamp for a mere $40 on Craigslist.
Vintage lamp from ACME modern via Craigslist, sugar dish from the Alameda flea market, tray from Heath Ceramics, wedding photo by Marla Aufmuth, globe from Council Thrift, wood block print by my mom.

I also found this one for $22 on Etsy.

Aforementioned lamp from Etsy seller de Epoca, photo by me, floral print from Old School Stationers, bowling pin found by the dumpster at UC Davis, circa 1996.

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