honorable ordinaries

I first met Christine (and her husband Evan) from Yellow Owl Workshop at the National Stationery Show earlier this year and was immediately taken by both the quality of her work, as well as her self-deprecating sense of humor (Seriously, one of my favorite traits. Is that creepy?). Now she is the Student of the Month over at Reform School, one of the best and most interesting stores in Los Angeles right now. The show is Honorable Ordinaries, a series of 68 miniature paintings, depicting familiar household items that Christine has either had, lost, or wished to own. Her paintings are fantastic, cheap and going fast. To see more, click here.

Reform School
3902 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90029


Jesse said...

I didn't know you liked Reform School! That's like my neighbor!

Coco Paaps said...

So funny--I was there a few weeks ago and thought, "Shauna would love it here!" and apparently you already did!