portugal: eating

Eating in Portugal is easy - all fish, all the time. Yes, you could have meat, but you are on the ocean! Enjoy it, I say. If it swam, we ate it - octopus (above), shrimp (below), clams, lobster, and a variety of local fish. Some culinary highlights included a fantastic lunch at Tasquinha do Oliviera in Evora, a delicious dinner at Agua na Boca in Salema, and super good bar food at Sol e Pesca in Lisbon.
Another speciality I should call out is a flaky egg custard called pastel de nata (below). We got ours from Pastèis de Belèm. As you can imagine, it was delicious.
©top and bottom photo by me. middle photo by Jeff via Instagram (@drinkeatlove)

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