backpacks, part two

Having a bit of an OCD moment with this backpack decision. My current front runner is the above, but I also am liking this one too:
and this plaid one:


Sara said...

I'm kind of dying over the fleece backpacks, so that's my vote. And maybe I'll get one too, and we can call each other and be long-distance matchy-matchy.

Anonymous said...

I vote for the top one because it has pockets and zips.

Chloe Bee said...
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Chloe Bee said...

Hi! So I'm one of Jeff's new co-workers at Del Posto and he was kind enough to show me your blog today. I spent months (!) obsessing over backpacks and finally settled on this one in blue:


which is from L.L. Bean. It's a little bigger and sturdier than I'd like, but I think it has a rustic, preppy charm.

Anyway! Welcome to the city.


Kelly said...

top one!