alarm clocks

We are now in our fifth temporary housing location and all this moving around has really messed with my sleeping schedule. It also doesn't help that we have one key between the two of us, and one of us doesn't get home from work until midnight. We waver between alarm noises - the blaring one is so unpleasant, but the melodic one doesn't always wake me up! This silent bracelet alarm wakes you up by vibration - to snooze you simply shake your hand, but the longer you snooze the more shaking is required to snooze again. However, I'm not positive that shaking is the best way to wake up someone who grew up with earthquakes...
There's also Clocky, which rolls away from you after you hit the snooze, forcing you to get up to turn it off. One of my friends swears by her dawn simulation alarm clock, which triggers your internal alarm clock by mimicking the gradual brightness of the sun rising.

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Jesse said...

One key? Ridiculous!