sea change

Dear readers (a.k.a. mom),
Sincere apologies for the decrease in posting in the last few weeks. I changed jobs and am no longer working from home. While the change has been good, the hours leave me with far less time to update this blog. Although I'd love to continue posting daily, it has become clear that's not feasible. I'm disappointed, but I've come up with a compromise (yes, with myself). I'll continue to post about my NYC adventures (both local and afar), but that will most likely be it (I'm aiming for 2-3 posts per week). I'll do my best to post more when possible, but this is one of the sacrifices I'm making in taking on new challenges and responsibilities. I hope you understand and welcome this change.
© photo by me


Jesse N. said...

I do not accept change, this one or any other. Love you!

Mom said...

Ditto Jesse