brooklyn style (via japan)

I've been really debating whether or not to post this, but its too funny/mortifying not to. A few weeks ago, Jeff and I were riding our bikes by the Brooklyn flea when a photographer asked if she could take my picture for a Japanese magazine. Naturally, Jeff made fun of me the rest of the day and then I completely forgot about it until a recent email from the photographer with the above image (check out the top left). Here's an enlarged version for your mocking pleasure:
Turns out it was in fact for the Japanese publication Lee; the feature compared the fashion of Paris to Brooklyn. This cracks me up because this is something I threw on to go for a bike ride...certainly not street style worthy!
See cuter ways I wore that skirt here and here.
Photos by Kikuko Usuyama

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Karen said...

So I guess we should be going to Japan to check out your fan club sometime soon?